How Tutoring Can Help With Pandemic Recovery

If your child is struggling with math, it may be due to missed education caused by the pandemic. At Dropkick Math Academy, our math tutoring programs may be able to help. Read on to learn how math tutoring can help fill any gaps in learning or misunderstandings. 

The Impact Of The Pandemic

With the pandemic starting to feel like a distant memory, it is imperative to remember how much of an impact it had on our children. Learning disruptions caused by the pandemic undoubtedly dealt some significant blows to the educational systems globally; it was a massive setback for most schools, and many students could not fully access classes or resources to continue their learning. 

While there were online programs offering support in learning, they simply did not compare to traditional methods and consequently posed challenges for students that have yet to be addressed. It is only now that we are beginning to comprehend what challenges our children faced during the pandemic.

Supporting Children

It can be hard to know how best to support our children. But if there’s one thing that parents realize as this difficult period continues, it’s that tutoring may be the answer when it comes to helping kids get back on track with their education. 

Tutors are not only great for helping your child catch up in certain subjects or boost their confidence – they can also provide guidance and motivation crucial to getting through these tough times. 

Dropkick Math Academy was established with the pandemic in mind, and our specially designed math programs acknowledge the unique difficulties and opportunities that this time presents. With that in mind, our math programs were specifically designed to help students fill any gaps and solve their pandemic-induced frustrations with mathematical concepts. 

Our mission is to provide a fun, interactive experience that doesn’t feel like a burden and can help our students develop a love for mathematics even through pandemic-inspired roadblocks. Our programs are accessible online and feature assistance from certified Ontario teachers for additional support when needed. 

EQAO Testing

A few months ago, EQAO test scores were revealed, and they painted a concerning picture of the state of Ontario’s education. According to the data, an alarming number of kids are struggling with basic literacy and numeracy skills. This is cause for concern, as these deficiencies could have significant implications down the road. Parents need to be aware of these troubling findings and take steps to help their children improve their academic performance.

Now that these test results have been released, many parents are asking what will be done to help students catch up with their missed learning. While it may seem like there is no real plan to get things back on track, educators are working to implement measures to ensure that students can catch up on their education. Each school board is working to help students catch up from the lost learning experienced through the pandemic. However, it may be slow coming and may not be the right solution for your child. 

Math Tutoring Programs

Dropkick Math is here to help students who may have a gap in their education due to the pandemic. As one of the leading math help services in Ontario, our trained instructors can provide support in key math skills through fun and interactive programs. All of our classes are taught by certified Ontario teachers and have a maximum class size of four students. This allows our teachers to offer individualized attention to each student and tailor their teaching style to best suit their specific needs. 

Dropkick Math offers a wide variety of modules for kids of all ages, from addition and subtraction for younger kids all the way up to algebra and geometry for older kids. There are even games specifically designed for different learning styles, so whether your child is a visual learner or needs more of a hands-on approach, we’ve got them covered. And because all of the games are played online, you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. 

An Alternative To Traditional Math Tutoring

Dropkick Math Academy is proud to be an alternative to traditional tutoring. We stand out amongst our competitors for our unique approach to math education, as we believe learning math should be fun and engaging. We focus on building relationships and offer personalized modules matching the student’s understanding level

With Dropkick Math, your child can play and learn simultaneously. They’ll never even realize that they’re doing their homework! And because the games are specifically designed to teach math concepts, you can be sure that your child is getting a quality education.

One of the many benefits of our classes is their rotating schedule. Instead of being limited by semesters or terms, classes start every few weeks, so your child can enroll at any time. This means they won’t have to wait before getting started on their education or progress toward achieving their goals.

Getting Help

If you have noticed your child struggling with mathematics since the pandemic, chances are they have a gap in learning. Research now suggests that math tutoring may be an essential part of pandemic recovery for children

Getting them the help they need before they fall too far behind is vital. Without the proper support in learning, they could miss out on essential building blocks of math education, which could cause them to struggle as they continue on through higher grades. 

Dropkick Math Academy is your local choice if you are looking for Waterloo math services! As a local business, we understand our student’s needs and can help boost their confidence in math and set them up for future success. For more information on our programs, visit our website today!

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