Math Programs

Learn about our math programs and how they can help your child.

Every child has the potential to be
Excellent Math Student

But one of the most challenging things for students to do in school is to develop confidence and comfort with math. That’s why our programs are designed specifically around closing skill gaps while supporting them through their current courses or tests so they can feel confident about learning more!

If you are looking for a small, personalized learning environment for your child, look no further than our programs. All of our classes are taught by certified Ontario teachers and have a maximum class size of four students. This allows our teachers to offer individualized attention to each student and tailor their teaching style to best suit their specific needs. Our programs cover a wide range of subjects, from fractions to algebra, and our small class sizes ensure that every student receives the personalized attention they deserve.


Classes Starting Soon!

One of the many benefits of our classes is their rotating schedule. Instead of being limited by semesters or terms, classes start every few weeks, so your child can enroll at any time. This means they won’t have to wait before getting started on their education or progress towards achieving their goals. It also allows for flexibility in scheduling since we can work around your schedule. There is no need to wait – classes are constantly starting, and your child can join in at any time.

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How do our programs work?

Learning with Dropkick Math Academy is different than learning at school so it is important to understand how our programs work. The first step is to register your child with Dropkick Math. Upon registration, your child will need to take our FREE early indicators assessment tool so we can determine which program will be best suited for their needs. They will then be placed in a class with no more than three other students. We keep our classes small so our teachers can spend more time with each student. You will receive an email with possible dates and times of classes to ensure it works with your child’s schedule. We have a schedule of rotating classes, so there are regularly more than one choice of timeslots at any given time. Once a timeslot is chosen you will hear from your child’s teacher with all the necessary information, including the dates and times of all classes and the Google Meet link your child will need to attend their virtual class. Before your child’s class starts, they will receive their ‘Battle Kit’ in the mail, which will help with their game-based learning at Dropkick Math. This battle kit will contain math manipulatives, a mini-whiteboard, and any other components needed for their particular program.

Each week, teachers will add to your child’s battle pack challenges to be completed for battle points. Once they meet again for their next class, they should be ready for more battle training and become a math dropkicker. Children are encouraged to review feedback from previous battles and fix any mistakes they made or even attempt more problems to earn battle points. Battle points add up to a reward at the end of the program, so students will most likely be eager to earn as many as possible.

But Wait.....

Did you catch that? Yes! We reward our students when they put in the effort to learn. At the end of each program, we will add up students’ battle points and reward those who achieved the Dropkick Master Level! Prizes include Amazon Gift Cards, Pokemon Cards, Bluetooth Earbuds, LOL Surprise Dolls and More! Parents will receive feedback after the 6th session. This feedback will include comments about any areas for improvement or boosts of confidence in math skills.

Now that you know the basics of our program

why not give us a try?

Education changes, and we now know that traditional math tutoring doesn’t set children up for future success. It only helps with the questions during the moment. With our individualized programs, your child will thrive for years to come.

So don’t wait any longer. Register your child today!

Program 1
Operations, Whole Numbers, and Pirates

Important Topics

  • Recognize whether an answer is reasonable or not
  • Approach new mathematical problems with flexibility
  • Realize whether a particular computation is likely to increase or decrease the starting value
  • Use a variety of mental math and estimation strategies
  • Determine the most efficient way to solve a problem
  • Use number as a vehicle for making sense of their environment, for interpreting what they see and communicating

Program 2
Operations, Decimals and space

Important Topics

  • Approach new mathematical problems with flexibility
  • Develop multiplicative thinking skills
  • Improve their understanding of place values and decimals
  • Determine the most efficient way to solve a problem
  • Practice teamwork
  • Gain the confidence to move on to fractions
  • Develop operational sense and fluency

Program 3
Fractions & Knights of the Whole Table

Important Topics

  • Make connections between whole numbers and fractions
  • Strengthen their proportional reasoning skills
  • Develop a solid understanding of the various meanings that fractions can have
  • Develop proficiency with fractions which is an important foundation for learning more advanced mathematics
  • Become comfortable with abstraction in mathematics in preparation for more advanced algebra

Program 4
Becoming a Fraction Hero w/ Operations

Important Topics

  • Make connections between fractions and decimals and use each form flexibly
  • Strengthen their proportional reasoning skills
  • Develop a robust ability to reason with and operate on quantities with fractions that will support children in their mathematics education and in daily living (e.g., cooking, carpentry, sewing)
  • Develop proficiency with fractions which is an important foundation for learning more advanced mathematics
  • Become comfortable with abstraction in mathematics in preparation for more advanced algebra

Program 5
Becoming a Dropkick Fraction Master

Important Topics

  • Make connections between fractions, decimals and percents and use each form flexibly
  • Strengthen their proportional reasoning skills
  • Develop proficiency with fractions which is an important foundation for learning more advanced mathematics
  • Become comfortable with abstraction in mathematics in preparation for more advanced algebra
  • Develop a solid foundation for secondary mathematics involving linear relationships, trigonometry and radian measures

Program 6
Conquer the World of Percents, Rates & Ratios

Important Topics

  • Develop proportional reasoning skills that will benefit them in other subject areas like science, music and geography
  • Think logically about everyday activities
  • Calculate best buys, taxes and investments
  • Work with drawings and maps
  • Perform measurements
  • Calculate monetary currency conversions
  • Adjust recipes
  • Create various concentrations of mixtures and solutions

Program 7
Combat the Unknown Realm of Integers

Important Topics

  • Apply their understanding of rationals in other subject areas (i.e., Geography, Science)
  • Work with rationals fluently in more advanced mathematics topics
  • Understand and define location and movement
  • Navigate and comprehend situations involving negative numbers (i.e., financial literacy, health checks – blood pressure, negative percentiles, stock market
  • Computing the efficiency of positive and negative numbers in any field
  • Access statistics and data

Program 8
The Darkness of Algebra Trilogy

Important Topics

  • Recognize the difference between linear and non-linear relations 
  • use visual patterns as a springboard to dig into algebraic manipulation and solve equations
  • Strengthen their algebraic reasoning skills
  • Solve equations by connecting processes to contexts
  • explore and review concepts connected to almost completely abstract representations and models of linear and nonlinear relationships
  • Use algebra to solve authentic (or real-world problems)
  • Further develop their multiplicative thinking and proportional reasoning

Our highly trained tutors offer new resources for success so students can feel more comfortable tackling mathematical equations.

Your child will be able to reach their true potential in this supportive environment where everyone has fun learning together.

We teach students how to approach math concepts and understand their relationships to overcome problems more efficiently on their own. Our tailored programs equip students with problem-solving skills that can help them for years to come.

Each program offers the opportunity for parent/caregiver and child to work together, creating an exciting experience while strengthening the relationship with math.

Our tailored programs are specifically designed for students and their guardians to work together on understanding the building blocks of the four pillars of mathematics.

By turning your child’s uncertainty into confidence, they can gain skills that will translate for years to come. As students navigate through the programs, they will be rewarded with incentives to keep them engaged and eager to continue learning.