How Does Dropkick Differ from a Tutor

How Does Dropkick Differ from a Tutor

When a child is having trouble with math concepts, it can be frustrating for both child and parent. Parents may try to help, but often find that the way math is now taught in school differs from what they learned. They also don’t want their child to see them struggling and develop math anxiety.

So, what can you do to help your child?

Most parents find a local math tutor. Someone who can sit down with the child and explain the concepts so they can move forward. However, for students, the help they receive often focuses on addressing an immediate need rather than the root cause of their struggle.

A math tutor will go over the current topic concept that the student is having trouble with. They will help the students answer some questions dealing with that topic so they can get through the task at hand. But math tutoring only helps in a bandaid-style format. It may fix the immediate issue but doesn’t address the root cause of the learning gap. Tutoring also doesn’t help to set the student up with skills needed for the future so when they hit a new roadblock in math, they may require another session with the tutor.

How Dropkick Math is Different

Dropkick Math isn’t just an alternative to hiring a tutor. It is a fun way to help your child thrive in mathematics through self-learning. Our unique programs focus on the fundamental misunderstandings your child may have in math and can provide them with the skills they need to keep advancing. We work with your child and yourself to understand the underlying problems rather than just focusing on helping them through the material they are learning at school.

By focusing on the four pillars of math, our fun and engaging programs can help your child understand math fundamentals. By the end of the program, your child will be able to persevere through challenging math concepts, ask questions for clarification, and learn from valuable mistakes.

Parent/Caregiver Involvement

At Dropkick Math, we think that parent/caregiver involvement is essential for a student’s success. Math tutors may help the immediate problem but end when a child catches up. Then, once they are gone, the issues often persist. But with Dropkick Math, we put you in the game with your child. After identifying a child’s problems in mathematics, we step in and work with both parent/caregiver and child to solve them.

 Our trained instructors work through the program with parents/caregivers, so you are learning math alongside your child. This means that we develop your understanding of math, how it is being taught, and how your child understands it. You become a crucial part of your child’s future learning and an ally when they have a problem with the next concept.

Unlike a tutor, we are not just a bandaid. We are a lasting solution that gives you and your child tools to move forward and give math the dropkick it deserves. Short fixes don’t always address the fundamental gaps in learning, but with Dropkick Math, you can rest assured that your child will master every building block of math learning.

A Foundation of Knowledge

With Dropkick Math, students can eliminate homework struggles and build a foundation of knowledge and confidence in math that will last a lifetime. By advancing their math skills, students can become better students. When armed with the right skill set to tackle problems, students will gain the confidence and independence that will carry them throughout life.

Learn more about Dropkick Math’s programs and how they can help your child advance in mathematics. By understanding the difference between hiring a tutor and giving your child the chance to succeed through self-learning, you can help set them up for a future of math success. Get started today by determining your child’s needs with our free early indicator’s quiz.