Pillars Of Math

The Four Pillars that Dropkick Math Academy’s programs are built on.

A weak pillar will greatly impact future math success.

The approach used in Dropkick Math Academy respects what we know about how students learn by sequencing the content in a developmentally appropriate way and providing alternatives in approach that allow for conceptual understanding.

Dropkick Math Academy has a solid research foundation that reflects the following:

  • developmental learning of mathematics
  • recognized common areas of difficulty in mathematics that students have, and research in best instructional practices for addressing these areas of difficulty;
  • current research around how to support students who are struggling in math; in particular, addressing both different learning styles and alternative strategies for learning a mathematical concept

Certainly an understanding of developmental learning in math can assist in remediating these common difficulties, as some of these arise from students being introduced to concepts before they are ready for them or because students are introduced to concepts in a developmentally inappropriate way. However, we know from the research that there are also specific strategies we can use to target some of the difficulties.

Current research on supporting struggling students suggests the need to incorporate the following in any remediation program:

  • Differentiated Programming
  • Conceptually-based explicit instruction
  • Visual representation
  • Meaningful practice
  • Scaffolding
  • Math Discussion

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