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How The Pandemic Affected Your Child's Education

The pandemic has profoundly impacted education, and one area where this is particularly evident is math. Due to closures and disruptions, many students have fallen behind in their math skills, and this is starting to show in their grades. While some students have been able to adapt and continue learning despite the challenges, others have struggled. This has led to a gap in math achievement, with some students far ahead of their peers.

Now Is The Time To Act!

 By providing targeted support and interventions, students can catch up and close the gap with Dropkick Math Academy. With dedication and hard work, it is possible to ensure that all students have the opportunity to thrive in math.

How Can Dropkick Math
Academy Help?

With personal learning portfolios, in-depth progress tracking, and a vibrant online community, Dropkick Math Academy is the perfect tool to take your child’s math abilities to the next level. We are an alternative to other online math tutors as we focus on the fundamental misunderstandings your child may have in math and can provide them with the skills they need to keep advancing.

We work with your child to understand the underlying problems rather than just focusing on helping them through the material they are learning at school. Part of our educational experience includes game-based learning.

But Dropkick Math is so much more than just game-based learning.

We are one of the top Ontario online math tutors available to help your child with any gaps they may have in their education.

So far, we have helped countless children get back on track with their math education. We have even recently partnered with many Ontario school boards to provide educational programs to students as part of Ontario’s Learning Recovery Action Plan for Students.

Ontario's New
Alternative To
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What Does The Research Show?

The pandemic has caused a significant gap in the education of many students. Some schools were closed for months, and others have had to adapt their curriculum to meet the needs of their students. In addition, many teachers have had to adjust their teaching methods to accommodate the changing needs of their students. As a result, the pandemic has created a significant challenge for educators.

So far, studies are showing that the coronavirus pandemic has caused alarmingly high learning losses in math and reading. This loss of education has been felt worldwide and is now reported as the worst education crisis ever recorded.

One of the largest studies done to date on the effects of the covid pandemic on school children around the world was conducted by Unicef, UNESCO and The World Bank. The results were published in a new report and attributed school closures as one of the most significant factors in disrupting children’s education across the board from low-income to high-income countries.

The report found that schools were forced to close quickly and adapt the curriculum to an online learning environment, often leaving teachers without the proper resources or training.

 Despite the best efforts by schools, the report found that “the deployment, uptake, and effectiveness of such programs has varied greatly, and in most countries, offered an inadequate substitute for in-person learning.”

In Canadian studies, researchers have found that students who switched between remote and in-person learning had a tumultuous education experience amid COVID-19. Many education advocates are now highlighting the loss in education as a longer-term concern that will persist even after COVID-19 wanes.

The State of the Global
Education Crisis

Structure Of
The Program

12 sessions held twice
a week for 6 weeks

60 minute classes - 45 minutes parent and child and 15 minutes parent only

Adult-child teams

Learn from home-all
programs are virtual

All classes run with Ontario certified, experienced and engaging math teachers

Students will receive math battle kit prior to the beginning of the program

what sets us apart
From Traditional
Math Tutors

Most parents will find a local math tutor when a child struggles with math. Someone who can sit down with the child and explain the concepts so they can move forward. However, for students, the help they receive often focuses on addressing an immediate need rather than the root cause of their struggle.

A math tutor will go over the current topic concept that the student is having trouble with. They will help the students answer some questions dealing with that topic so they can get through the task at hand. But math tutoring only helps in a bandaid-style format. It may fix the immediate issue but doesn’t address the root cause of the learning gap. Tutoring also doesn’t help to set the student up with skills needed for the future, so when they hit a new roadblock in math, they may require another session with the tutor.

Dropkick Math isn’t just an alternative to hiring a tutor.

It is a fun way to help your child thrive in mathematics through self-learning. Our unique programs focus on the fundamental misunderstandings your child may have in math and can provide them with the skills they need to keep advancing. We work with the child and parent/guardian to understand the underlying problems rather than just focusing on helping them through the material they are learning at school.

By providing STEM-based learning, our fun and engaging programs can help your child understand math fundamentals. By the end of the program, your child will be able to persevere through challenging math concepts, ask questions for clarification, and learn from valuable mistakes.

And Most Importantly - All
of our tutors are certified
Ontario teachers!

Has Your Child Lost Confidence In Thier Math Skills?

It's no secret math can be a tricky subject for kids to tackle. But with the right tools and approaches, math can become an enjoyable journey of discovery for children.

One of the main factors in this process is developing confidence in math. When kids realize math isn’t something to be feared but rather an opportunity to exercise logic and problem-solving abilities, they receive the motivation they need to reach ambitious goals. In fact, many success stories across various fields involve overcoming math anxiety, so having confidence in math may well be a key factor unlocking world-changing potential.

As A Team Of Ontario Teachers,
We Understand What Children
Have Gone Through

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but children have borne the brunt of the upheaval, dealing with cancelled classes, Zoom school and social isolation. As teachers ourselves, we understand, and we are here to help.

Our team of certified Ontario teachers can provide a fresh and exciting way for your child to improve their skills and make learning more fun! Our innovative platform offers a unique mix of gameplay elements and real-world problem-solving, making math fun and engaging for students in grades 4 – 9.

What Did Your Child's Progress
Report Show?

For parents of elementary school students, progress reports are essential for monitoring their child’s academic progress. These reports, which were sent out in November, measure a student’s progress in relation to the standards set by the Ministry of Ontario. In addition to providing information on academic skills like reading and math, progress reports may also include insights into a child’s social and emotional development.

If your child received a “Progressing With Difficulty” statement on their report, it means they are not progressing in this subject. Research has shown that math and literacy were the two subjects affected the most by the pandemic. So, many students may be showing signs of falling behind in these two areas.

If your child received a “Progressing With Difficulty” comment, it should be addresses immediately so that a plan can be developed to help fill the education gap.

We involve parents/guardians

Learn together: Your child’s success starts with you!

At Dropkick Math Academy, we believe it is essential for parents/guardians to be involved in a child’s education. As part of our program, we invite the parent/guardian into the learning environment. This can help parents balance their involvement in their child’s education.

We believe that it is crucial for parents to understand the math curriculum their child is learning so they can help if needed. Parents involved in their children’s education tend to see better results in motivation and attitude. Studies have shown that students whose families are engaged in their schooling are more likely to have higher goals and be driven to succeed. This is likely because parents who are involved in their children’s education provide support and guidance that helps nurture a positive attitude towards learning.

At Dropkick Math Academy, we encourage all parents/guardians to get involved with their children’s programs. We understand that math can be confusing for adults who have been out of school for many years. Let’s face it… the mathematics that students learn today is most likely highly different from what you learned at school.

The main thing to keep in mind is that math hasn’t changed. The way it is taught has. Unfortunately, when Ontario shifted mathematics teaching, parents were not informed. This left many frustrated as they realized they did not understand how to help their children in mathematics.

So, our programs are not only meant for your child to learn but also for the parents/guardians to understand the tools necessary to help their child continue to thrive after the program is over. We are not only teaching the child but also helping parents understand the new way thier child is learning math. We want parents to interact and get involved and encourage teacher/parent meetings after each session.

Why Do Our Programs Work So Well?

Dropkick Math offers research-based, student-centred learning that follows the same outlines offered in the Ontario math curriculum. Our programs align with many educational researchers, including Dr. Marian Small, Dr. Jo Boaler, and Dr. Catherine Fosnot, using models to develop children’s deep reasoning, problem-solving, number sense and critical thinking skills.

Whether a child is struggling to understand math concepts, keep up with homework, or simply wants to get ahead for future challenges, Dropkick Math is here to help. Our tutoring program is designed to help students learn the fundamentals of mathematics through fun and rewarding programs.

Dropkick Math Programs

If you are looking for a small, personalized learning environment for your child, look no further than our programs. All of our classes are taught by certified Ontario teachers and have a maximum class size of four students. This allows our teachers to offer individualized attention to each student and tailor their teaching style to best suit their specific needs. Our programs cover a wide range of subjects, from fractions to algebra, and our small class sizes ensure that every student receives the personalized attention they deserve.

Who Are We?

Rhonda & Chad

Hi! We are Rhonda and Chad, two Ontario teachers with 40 years of experience in education between us! During the pandemic shutdowns, we saw a problem forming.
We noticed that math skills in children were slipping, and there were gaps in learning. Many would do well throughout the year but then would not have any retention of the mathematics they learned the year before.

This is why we decided to join forces and create a fun, personalized learning experience for students that would prepare them for the skills needed in the future. We designed Dropkick Math Academy to help change the way kids learn.

If you are ready to help your child get back on track with their education, click the button and try Dropkick Math Academy today. Our team of certified Ontario teachers will start with a FREE assessment to help place your child in the right program for their skill level.

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Virtual Classes

Are you stressed out about trying to find the right math tutor for your child? Or looking for a solution that doesn’t involve rush hour traffic and last-minute scrambles to make sure they’re picked up on time? Dropkick Math Academy takes away all that hassle. With virtual service, your child can log on easily to their virtual classroom each week to connect with their teacher no need to leave your home. Simply relax, sit back, and watch your child’s confidence in math increase online.

The first step is to register your child with Dropkick Math. Upon registration, your child will need to take our early indicators assessment tool so we can determine which program will be best suited for their needs. They will then be placed in a class with no more than three other students. We keep our classes small so our teachers can spend more time with each student.

Before your child’s class starts, they will receive their battle kit in the mail, which will help with their game-based learning at Dropkick Math. This battle kit will contain math manipulatives, a mini-whiteboard, and any other components needed for their particular program.

You will receive an email from their teacher with all the necessary information, including the dates and times of all classes and the Google Meet link your child will need to attend their virtual class. Once they join their first class, they will be introduced to the math learning techniques that will help build their confidence and make learning math easier and more understandable.

Each week, teachers will add to your child’s battle pack challenges to be completed for battle points. Once they meet again for their next class, they should be ready for more battle training and become a math dropkicker. Children are encouraged to review feedback from previous battles and fix any mistakes they made or even attempt more problems to earn battle points. Battle points add up to a reward at the end of the program, so students will most likely be eager to earn as many as possible.

But Wait! ... Did Someone say reward?

Yes! We reward our students when they put in the effort to learn. At the end of each program, we will add up students’ battle points and reward those who achieved the Dropkick Master Level!

Rewards Include:

Amazon gift cards

Bluetooth Earbuds

Pokemon Cards

LOL Surprise Dolls

And many more!

Now that you know the basics of our program,
why not give us a try?

Education changes, and we now know that traditional math tutoring doesn’t set children up for future success. It only helps with the questions during the moment. With our individualized programs, your child will thrive for years to come.

Help your
child fight
back against
their fear of math!