Operations, Whole Numbers, and Pirates

You can’t Rrrrreason with a Math Pirate!!!

Set sail with your child as you embark on an adventure in the Seas of Perseverance and take on the dreaded Math Pirates! In this module, children will work on place value and comparing whole numbers. The focus will be on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with whole numbers to make sure children understand what is happening with each operation. This module will enable you and your child to work together creating an exciting experience while strengthening your understanding of the four math operations. Your child will help to disband the horrible pirates and have them walk the plank with their newly acquired math skills. 

Children will work on improving their abilities with the four math operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) while strengthening their sense of place value and proportional reasoning skills. By providing support in learning the building blocks of mathematics and engaging in a fun and interactive learning environment, your child will begin to thrive. 

Watch their math skills get stronger and their confidence soar once they begin the exciting adventure!

Parents will get a chance to work with our Math Therapists to better understand the systems that their children are learning and research behind why math has made such a shift in how it is being taught in today’s classroom.

Why is this topic important for my child to learn?

  • So children can…
    •  recognize whether an answer is reasonable or not
    • Approach new mathematical problems with flexibility
    • Realize whether a particular computation is likely to increase or decrease the starting value
    • Use a variety of mental math and estimation strategies
    • Determine the most efficient way to solve a problem
    • Use number as a vehicle for making sense of their environment, for interpreting what they see and communicating

Children who develop number sense are in the best position to solidify the concepts they are taught, and to develop independence as mathematical learners.