How Our Programs Are Different Than Traditional Summer School

Summer break is a much-anticipated time for students everywhere. After spending the school year studying, taking exams, and attending class, students finally get the chance to relax and rejuvenate in the lazy days of summer. It’s a time when they can shed the stress of homework and structure and embrace the freedom and joy that comes with long summer nights. Nothing compares to the feeling of not having to wake up early for school the next day, and having the time to pursue those hobbies and interests that get pushed aside during the school season. 

The warm weather and sunny days also create the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities, making it the perfect time to take that family vacation or explore new neighbourhoods in the city. For students, summer truly is a break from the monotony of school life and a chance to recharge for the upcoming academic year.

Summer Slide

As nice as these summer days sound, some children could be at risk of summer slide and in need of math tutoring. Summer slide is a phenomenon that no parent wants their child to experience. This loss of knowledge and skills over the summer can impede a student’s progress in the upcoming school year. While it’s true that some children thrive during the summer break, it is equally true that many students struggle to retain the information they’ve learned during the school year. 

The reasons for summer slide can be varied, but what’s important is that parents, educators, and students work together to prevent it from happening. By incorporating academic enrichment opportunities and continuing to encourage learning over the summer, students can avoid the dreaded summer slide and come back to school ready to learn and grow.

Dropkick Math’s Programs

As we just discussed, children love the freedom of summer and everything that comes with that. So, we understand they don’t want to be stuck inside a traditional classroom during the summer months doing monotonous work. Fortunately, there are now more options available than ever before to ensure our kids get the best education possible. 

One option is participating in summer school programs that offer an alternative style and approach to traditional summer schooling and learning opportunities. Today we’ll discuss how our programs here at Dropkick Math Academy differ from other summer school offerings and why they provide added advantages to enrich your child’s education in creative ways.

Our Programs WORK!

First, our math tutoring programs are created by teachers and loved by parents because THEY WORK! Parents love the fact that their children have a whole new confidence in math after finishing our program. We don’t just help children with homework or help them understand one concept they are stuck on at that moment. Our programs are based on the four pillars of math (number sense, operational sense, proportional reasoning, and algebraic reasoning) which help children understand the root of mathematics. Our methods set children up for success in future studies. We teach them how to learn and work through problems instead of teaching them tricks that simply help them get through the problems they are stuck on at that moment. 

Limited Class Sizes

Our programs are virtual, so children don’t need to leave their homes. Your child can still enjoy the maximum time outside with their friends and just come inside to do their hour of virtual classes. Your child will be one of three others in the class. We limit our classes to 4 so tutors can have more dedicated time for each one compared to larger classes where some students may get overlooked. 

Speaking of our tutors, each one is a certified Ontario teacher. Many other tutoring companies hire other students or people who are just “good at math” to teach their programs. At Dropkick Math Academy, we want to ensure that our students get the best education possible while also following the Ontario math curriculum. So, who better to do this job than teachers themselves? Our tutors are all teachers from your community or surrounding areas with certifications and experience in working with children. 

Fun And Engaging

We get it. Children do not want to learn math during the summer months. But if they must, then we want to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible! That is why at Dropkick Math Academy, all of our programs are game-based, which helps keep students interested and engaged. 

We also understand that students are more likely to remain engaged and motivated when there is a tangible reward on the line, so we also offer prizes for students who are willing to work hard. From gift cards to electronics and toys, our prize offerings are designed to keep students focused and excited about their academic studies. These rewards not only provide students with a deserved incentive for their achievements but also encourage a positive mindset toward learning. We believe that by fostering this type of environment for our students, we can help them thrive academically and in all areas of life.

Involving Parents

Another way that we differ from other traditional tutors is by involving the parents. Parents need to understand how math is taught now in schools so they can help with homework in the future. So, in our programs, we encourage parents to learn alongside their children. Parents and children can work in teams while learning and earning points for their rewards. At the end of each tutoring session, we also set aside a few minutes for parent/teacher sessions so parents can get feedback on how their child is doing. 

As you can see, our math tutoring company differs significantly from traditional tutoring services. We aim to make math tutoring easily accessible and fun, and engaging so all students will enjoy our programs throughout the summer months. 

We have rotating classes starting every few weeks, so your child won’t have to wait long to start their classes. So, don’t delay any longer, get started today with our Early Indicators Assessment to learn which program would be best suited for your child. 

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