The Benefits Of Group Math Tutoring

Is your child feeling lost and overwhelmed trying to understand math? Have their attempts at self-learning left them worn down and unmotivated? If so, it might be time for you to consider the benefits of group math tutoring.

With Dropkick Math Academy, a communal learning environment with experienced professionals, cultivating an understanding of complex mathematics is not only possible but enjoyable too! Group math tutoring has been seen as a powerful tool in helping students reach their educational goals – let’s explore why.

Why Your Child Will Benefit From Learning In A Small Group

Learning in small groups has repeatedly shown better results than learning in large groups. Many children also do better with small group learning over individualized tutoring, regardless of the material covered. While there is no concrete evidence as to why children do better in smaller class sizes, we can certainly take an educated guess as to why many thrive in our classes at Dropkick Math Academy!

For one thing, in small groups, the teacher-student dynamic improves drastically, with the teachers able to devote more time to each child. There is also fewer discipline problems overall, so teachers don’t need to stop classes to keep children on track. In fact, student behaviour has been recorded to improve in many ways during small classes. Those who are placed in small groups tend to be more actively engaged with the learning process when they have the opportunity to build social connections among themselves during class time. 

A Supportive Atmosphere For Learning

Small classes can provide a more collaborative and supportive atmosphere for learning. With fewer students per group, peers have more space to develop relationships and form meaningful connections. Everyone’s ideas are encouraged and valued, fostering self-confidence and an appreciation of diverse opinions. 

With more opportunities for personal interactions, classes become more participatory and interactive, which enhances knowledge retention and understanding of key concepts. Children will often feel more comfortable in a small group setting, and teachers report more engagement and willingness to learn. With small group lessons, there is less stress on the child to speak in front of a large class, and they will also get encouragement from their peers. 

Boosting Confidence

A small classroom setting allows teachers to observe each student more actively, so they can spot when confidence may be wavering. When a teacher asks for the answer to a question, having fewer students present gives them more opportunities to provide individual encouragement and reinforcement. Learning math operations can be intimidating, but being in a small group can help each child learn from one another. 

A child that learns math in a small group class will have many confidence-building experiences that can help provide a sense of accomplishment. These experiences stem from positive and close interactions with the teacher and other students. 

Not only this, but smaller classes also allow the teacher to provide customized instruction and ensure that each student is receiving the support they need to progress and build their confidence. It’s clear that small classes can be incredibly beneficial in boosting student confidence and helping them respond confidently to challenges in the classroom – an invaluable tool for any teacher.

Developing Social Skills

With group tutoring, children will not only develop confidence, but they will also develop social skills that may be crucial to the work environment of their future careers. These skills can be invaluable as they grow older and require more social skills.

Group tutoring may be the right choice if your child gets stressed easily while doing math homework. As a group supports the efforts of each individual, stress has been shown to be naturally reduced. A small group can become a safe space to try out new ideas and approaches for children, continuing the loop that can increase their confidence and love of math. 

Enjoying Math

Ultimately, what we enjoy doing depends on how competent we feel when undertaking a particular activity. If we look at something like swimming, or even math, it becomes clear that the more time and effort invested in improving skills leads to higher levels of enjoyment. 

When someone takes math lessons, trains hard and begins to understand the discipline more deeply, the sense of accomplishment is immense. Knowing that others have taken notice of the progress made is even more gratifying and adds to the pleasure to be had from engaging with math.

At Dropkick Math Academy, we encourage parents/guardians to learn alongside their child so they can join in the pleasure and gratification of progress made. We truly believe that learning together can add to your child’s success!

Dropkick Math Academy’s Group Classes

If you are looking for a small, personalized learning environment for your child, look no further than our programs. All of our classes are taught by certified Ontario teachers and have a maximum class size of four students. This allows our teachers to offer individualized attention to each student and tailor their teaching style to best suit their specific needs. Our programs cover a wide range of subjects, from fractions to algebra, and our small class sizes ensure that every student receives the personalized attention they deserve.

How It Works

With Dropkick Math Academy, you can be assured your child will thrive in their small group math tutoring sessions. We start by having your child take our FREE assessment to ensure they are placed in the appropriate program for their level of learning. 

Once the child is placed in the program, they will receive their battle pack in the mail, which includes all the tools they will need for their weekly battles with math. Each class meets virtually twice a week, and children will earn battle points which can be redeemed at the end of the program for a reward.  

Get Started Today!

At Dropkick Math Academy, our math help services can give your child the confidence they need to tackle math head-on and dropkick any frustrations to the curb. Learn more about our programs and how we offer small group tutoring, with classes starting every few weeks. Get started today with our FREE assessment!

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