Does Dropkick Math Academy Reward Its Students?

Dropkick Math Academy is revolutionizing the way kids learn math. Through a fun-filled, captivating virtual environment, students can sharpen their math skills and develop a stronger aptitude in the subject. Instead of memorizing algorithms and equations, they receive comprehensive lessons on essential math concepts and use those newfound skills to solve challenging problems. We create a “math playground” where students can learn math while having fun and earning rewards!

Not only do children increase their understanding of mathematics, but Dropkick Math Academy also prepares them with the mental agility necessary to excel in other subjects as well. We offer online math help taught by certified Ontario teachers, which uses centred research-based techniques and strategies designed to complement classroom instruction. This helps to facilitate students reaching their highest potential in mastering mathematics. 

Our Programs

Our custom-tailored programs are specifically created for students, helping them gain confidence in the building blocks of mathematics and develop conceptual understanding. We use game-based learning to help students boost their confidence and fight back against their fear of math.

One of our most popular programs includes Operations and the Gangs of Matica, where your child will find themselves battling the underworld against the gangs of Matica to help deepen their understanding of the connections between decimals, fractions, and percents. 

Another program, Operation Integer: Enter the Darkness, has children travelling to the city of Intermatica, where the queen of frustration, Francine, is making her last attempt to bring her brand of uncertainty and mathematical anxiety into their everyday math experience. Here, they will need to gain true confidence in math as the computer activates the defence shield that protects not only the great city of Intermathica, but also the future of their learning in mathematics.

These two programs make it easy to see why so many children enjoy our classes and become engaged with their learning. 

Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning is a highly effective and engaging method of instruction, combining two elements that students love – games and education. It uses game activities to teach academic skills in an enjoyable way, often featuring elements of collaboration and competition. This approach can be especially useful for students who struggle with traditional teaching methods or those who do not feel motivated by conventional approaches to learning. It can also help students develop essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, resilience and more. Studies have even indicated that game-based learning can successfully boost student engagement in the classroom.

The Rewards

For students who don’t do well with learning from a textbook, game-based learning may be exactly what they need. Many students need to be engaged and work with others to help them learn. While we don’t have anything against textbooks, it just isn’t how we do things around here. Dropkick Math exclusively uses game-based learning to keep children entertained and eager to learn more. 

But that isn’t the only trick we have up our sleeve! Although the games we play are fun and engaging and often have students practicing independently, we also offer rewards. Yes, you heard us right! We reward our students who show initiative and eagerness to learn. 

Each week, teachers will add to your child’s battle pack challenges to be completed for battle points. Once they meet again for their next class, they should be ready for more battle training to become a math dropkicker. The battle points that children earn add up to a reward at the end of the program, so students will most likely be eager to earn as many as possible. 

Our rewards may change over time, but they currently include Amazon Gift Cards, Pokemon Cards, Bluetooth Earbuds, LOL Surprise Dolls and more!

Many children, even at an early age, understand the concept of rewards associated with accomplishing a task. When this reward is applied to studies and school work, many children will respond by studying more diligently. 

In fact, a Stanford University study found that providing a reward for study time resulted in overall higher learning outcomes for those involved. Therefore, utilizing the promise of a reward can be an effective motivator when encouraging children to study and learn.

A Math Playground

With fun games and exciting rewards, you can easily see why Dropkick Math has been described as a “math playground!” While traditional tutors sit with your child and help them with the task at hand, we offer an alternative way. With engaging games, a reward system and lessons focusing on the four pillars of math, we are one of Ontario’s top-rated math help services. 

The traditional math tutor will review the current topic concept that the student is having trouble with. They will help the students answer some questions dealing with that topic so they can get through the task at hand. But math tutoring only helps in a bandaid-style format. It may fix the immediate issue but doesn’t address the root cause of the learning gap. Tutoring also doesn’t help to set the student up with skills needed for the future, so when they hit a new roadblock in math, they may require another session with the tutor. This is how Dropkick Math differs from traditional tutoring.

By focusing on the four pillars of math, our fun and engaging programs can help your child understand math fundamentals. By the end of the program, your child will be able to persevere through challenging math concepts, ask questions for clarification, and learn from valuable mistakes. We work with your child and yourself to understand the underlying problems rather than just focusing on helping them through the material they are learning at school.

With Dropkick Math, students can eliminate homework struggles and build a foundation of knowledge and confidence in math that will last a lifetime. By advancing their math skills, students can become better students. When armed with the right skill set to tackle problems, students will gain the confidence and independence that will carry them throughout life.

For parents who may be looking for an alternative to traditional math tutors, Dropkick Math may be your answer. We offer classes taught by certified teachers who can offer differentiated approaches, making it accessible for all learning needs. So, why not use Dropkick Math to make math fun for kids and to support their learning? Get started by learning more about our programs, and register your child today!

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