Combat the Unknown Realm of Integers

Operation Integer: Enter the Darkness

This module takes you to the supercity of Intermatica, where the queen of frustration, Francine, is making her last attempt to bring her brand of uncertainty and mathematical anxiety into your child’s everyday math experience. As a team, you and your child will delve into the murky world of integers, laying a foundation of understanding that will pave the way for a bright future. As your child explores representing, ordering, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers, their skill with order of operations with rational numbers will improve. 

Your child will apply their new understanding of Order of Operations and Rationals to help find and activate the switches that will power up the great computer. You will have a new appreciation of what true confidence in math your team has achieved as the computer activates the defense shield that protects not only the great city of Intermathica, but also the future of your child’s learning in mathematics. You and your child will quickly notice how success is achieved by focusing on relationships and learning together!

Why is this topic important for my child to learn?

  • So children can…
    • Apply their understanding of rationals in other subject areas (i.e., Geography, Science)
    • Work with rationals fluently in more advanced mathematics topics
    • Understand and define location and movement
    • Navigate and comprehend situations involving negative numbers (i.e., financial literacy, health checks – blood pressure, negative percentiles, stock market
    • Computing the efficiency of positive and negative numbers in any field
    • Access statistics and data