What Is Summer Slide And How To Prevent It

What is summer slide? You may have heard this term being tossed around, but what does it really mean? Summer slide is the term used to describe the loss of knowledge and skills a student suffers over the summer. This can be due to a lack of academic enrichment opportunities over the break or simply because children are out of school and not retaining what they learned during the school year. 

While no definitive studies show how much learning is lost each summer, it’s safe to assume that students lose some ground academically if they don’t engage in educational activities. Through math tutoring and other interventions, parents can take steps to help prevent summer slide and keep their child’s education on track.

A Loss Of Skills And Knowledge

For decades, educators have observed the summer slide – the inevitable loss of skills and knowledge that occurs over the summer break. While students may enter the classroom in September seeming refreshed and relaxed, they quickly fall behind their classmates who have continued to learn and grow over the summer months. The summer slide is a pervasive problem that affects children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Studies have shown that, on average, students lose about 2.6 months of grade-level math skills over the summer. As a result, they enter the new school year at a distinct disadvantage. While efforts to combat the summer slide are ongoing, there is still much work to be done in order to close the achievement gap.

What To Do About Summer Slide

As any parent knows, summer can be a challenging time for kids when it comes to schoolwork. With all the distractions of warm weather and long days, it’s easy for kids to forget what they’ve learned during the school year and fall behind before the next school year begins. Unfortunately, summer slide is also being exacerbated by the COVID pandemic. Due to school closures and continuing distance learning, many children struggle to keep up with their studies. This has led to a decline in grades and test scores and an increased risk of future academic difficulties. As parents and educators work to address this problem, it’s essential to remember that the COVID pandemic has created unique challenges for kids that require innovative solutions. 

Children need to have continuous opportunities to learn and practice new skills during the summer months. Summer learning programs can allow children to stay sharp academically while also preventing them from falling behind. These programs often include activities and games designed to reinforce key academic concepts. They can be an excellent way for children to stay engaged in learning, even when they’re out of school. With a bit of creativity and effort, we can help our kids overcome the effects of summer slide and the pandemic and get back on track for a successful school year.

Learn While Vacationing

As summer approaches, many families begin to plan their vacations. However, vacations can also be a learning opportunity. For example, if you are planning a trip by airplane, your child can research the cost of airfare and luggage weight. If you are staying in a hotel, your child can calculate the cost of the room per night. Once you reach your destination, there are often opportunities to take tours of historical landmarks and locations. This can be an excellent opportunity to teach your child about history and how to calculate the number of years ago historical events occurred. By incorporating some educational elements into your summer vacation plans, you can help your child learn and grow even while away from school.

Incorporate Everyday Tasks

There are lots of easy ways to keep kids’ brains active during summer vacation. One way is to take advantage of everyday activities like grocery shopping or driving. For example, when you’re at the grocery store with your kids, challenge them to add up the total cost of your purchase. Driving over to grandmother’s house? Ask them to find specific colours, shapes, or patterns along the way. For older kids, think of appropriate variations – for instance, they could try to count all the license plates from different provinces or how many billboards there are. This helps to keep their minds active and makes these everyday activities more fun for everyone involved. By making summer learning fun and interactive, you can help your kids stay sharp all summer long.

Summer Camp

As the summer break approaches, many parents begin to scramble to find ways to keep their children occupied. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is enrolling children in specialized summer camps. These camps offer a variety of activities that are designed to be both fun and educational. For example, computer camps often incorporate game design elements, while math camps focus on developing problem-solving skills. Science camps may include field trips to local museums or zoos. 

In addition to being educational, these camp experiences can also be extremely valuable for your child’s social development. By interacting with other children and adults in a structured setting, your child will learn important social skills that will benefit them throughout their life. So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to give your child a boost this summer, consider enrolling them in one of these specialized camps.

Summer Programs

While kids need to have some time off from school to enjoy the summer months, it’s also crucial that they don’t forget everything they’ve learned over the course of the year. Thankfully, there are several math help services available to help kids stay sharp. Schools often offer summer classes or enrichment programs, and private businesses like Dropkick Math Academy also provide valuable services. These programs can help your child review essential concepts, catch up on any gaps in their learning, and get a head start on the upcoming school year. With summer learning, your child can enjoy a well-rounded education that sets them up for success both in and out of the classroom.

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