Being Different Is A Good Thing

Being different is a trait that is often celebrated in today’s society. It allows us to stand out in a positive way and showcase our unique qualities. If we were all the same, life would be quite boring, and there wouldn’t be any room for creativity and innovation. 

Our differences can open doors to incredible opportunities, allowing us to learn from one another and grow as individuals. At Dropkick Math Academy, we firmly believe that being different works to our students’ advantage! Our math tutoring services are different from traditional tutoring, allowing children to learn in small groups with unique learning techniques which boost their confidence in mathematics. 

Traditional Math Tutoring May Not Always Be Best

Most people think of traditional math tutoring when looking for help for their child. However, this may not always be the best option for children. Not all children learn the same way, so we have come up with a way to help ALL children fill in any gaps in education they may have. 

Our programs are based on the four pillars of mathematics (number sense, operational sense, proportional reasoning, and algebraic reasoning) and use game-based learning for maximum engagement. We believe in fostering a fun and inclusive environment for learning while addressing the root cause of a child’s struggles. 

Traditional math tutoring will sit down with your child and explain the concepts they are stuck on, so they can move forward. While this can help in the short term, it only helps as a bandaid-style format. In other words, it may fix the immediate misunderstanding that the child is having, but it doesn’t set the student up with the skills needed for the future. Our programs ensure that children have the skills for when they hit a new mathematical roadblock in future lessons or grades. 

Once again, our difference in math tutoring is a good thing! While we may not be sitting with your child at the table in a one-on-one session, they are actually getting more of an understanding than they would with a traditional tutor. 

Game-Based Learning

Many educators have long believed that children are more likely to learn when they are engaged in fun activities. Recent studies have backed up this theory, showing that play-based education increases retention rates and improves emotional regulation and cognitive performance. Playful learning methods can include game-based lessons, hands-on experiments, and imaginative roleplaying. Rather than forcing children to memorize facts and figures, a fun and interactive approach to education can help cultivate a passion for learning that will last a lifetime. 

As mentioned, our programs are game-based. This means that we add fun to learning! We don’t rely on tricks or memorization like some tutors. Instead, we use fun games to get children involved in education and encourage them to get excited about doing math. 

As children progress through our programs, they will be introduced to characters along the way, including Captain Struggle, Alien Cipher, Dropkick Lee, Frustrating Francine, and more. For students who don’t do well with learning from a textbook, game-based learning may be exactly what they need.

Children also love our programs because they are not only having fun while learning but they are also rewarded for their hard work. That’s right! We offer rewards to students who are making an effort to engage and learn. 

Teachers add new challenges to each child’s battle pack every week as part of the battle for math proficiency. These challenges are designed to help children become a math dropkicker and earn battle points along the way. The more challenges they complete, the more battle points they earn, and the closer they get to the ultimate reward at the end of the program. With the promise of rewards, students will undoubtedly be motivated to complete as many challenges as possible, honing their math skills and enjoying the friendly competition along the way. 

Our rewards may change over time, but they currently include Amazon Gift Cards, Pokemon Cards, Bluetooth Earbuds, LOL Surprise Dolls and more!

Adding Parents To The Equation

If we haven’t convinced you yet that our differences from traditional math tutors are a good thing, we have a few more things up our sleeve! For parents who struggle to help their children with homework, Dropkick Math Academy can help! We understand the way math is being taught has most likely changed from when you were in school. That is why we encourage parents to learn alongside their children

Our programs are built for parents and children to work together to battle through the exercises and learn alongside each other. Our tutors can help children learn math concepts while helping parents understand how it is taught. Once our programs are over, we want parents to be able to help their children with future homework, not go back to struggling over math questions. Our math help services are truly targeted toward helping everyone overcome tough math questions and continue to thrive in the future!

Certified Teachers

At the Dropkick Math Academy, we pride ourselves on having the best math tutors who are all certified Ontario teachers. This means that they have undergone rigorous training and have met the highest standards set by the province. Our tutors are passionate about math and deeply understand the Ontario math curriculum. They are well-equipped to help students of all ages and abilities to succeed in their math studies. We believe that our math tutors’ expertise and enthusiasm for teaching will make a significant difference in every student’s learning journey.

Our Differences

As you can tell, we are different than many other tutoring companies. Traditional tutoring may be ok for some children, but we want to ensure maximum success and continued confidence in mathematics which is why our programs are structured the way they are with certified instructors. 

We believe our differences make us stand out as one of the top Waterloo math services companies, and we can provide your children with the needed help. Learn more about our math help services by visiting our programs page today!

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