Was Your Child Previously Enrolled in Dropkick Math?

Last year, through Ontario’s Learning Action Recovery Plan for Students Dropkick Math Academy was able to offer our programs to various school boards across Ontario. The plan was designed to help students who had been struggling in school catch up and get back on track. It invested heavily in tutoring support and included summer learning, a focus on reading, math and other foundational skills, as well as targeted initiatives intended to address unique barriers that some students may have faced. 

If your child previously participated in our programs as part of the Learning Action Recovery Plan, you may wonder, “now what?” We have had countless testimonials of parents who were extremely pleased with how their children progressed with our programs. Many students finished their program full of confidence and eagerness to learn. However, now they are back in school, some may be struggling again. Our programs are sequential, so if your child took part in them previously, they can easily join the next one and pick up right where they left off! For example, if your child was previously enrolled in “Becoming a Fraction Hero,” they will continue their dropkick adventure with “Becoming A Dropkick Fraction Master.”

School Board Funding

We are currently waiting for each school board to allocate their funding as part of Ontario’s new plan to help students who may have been affected by missed education due to the pandemic. As part of this initiative, we are hopeful that we will be able to offer programs in your child’s school board once again. 

However, we currently have spots for our fall programs for regular admissions. If you prefer not to wait until your child’s school board allocates funding, you can register your child now for any of our fall classes. 

For all school boards, please check our website for continuing information on education funding. Once we get the go-ahead from each board to accept new students, we will send out notification emails to all parents.

Why Choose Dropkick Math?
When it comes to math tutoring, there are many choices available. Here at Dropkick Math Academy, we strive to set ourselves apart from the ordinary. We offer a unique approach to math tutoring that is based on the premise that math should be fun, so we use games to teach math concepts. And because the games are specifically designed to teach math concepts, you can be sure that your child is getting a quality education. Plus, the games are so much fun that your child will never even realize they’re doing their homework! We believe that making math fun can help students better understand and retain the concepts. 

Even though we strive for fun, it doesn’t mean we aren’t serious about learning. All of our instructors at Dropkick Math are certified Ontario teachers who offer research-based math learning techniques. Our unique programs focus on the fundamental misunderstandings your child may have in math and can provide them with the necessary skills to keep advancing. We work with your child to understand the underlying problems rather than just focusing on helping them through the material they are learning at school.

At Dropkick Math, we are a tutoring company that also believes that parent/caregiver involvement is essential for a student’s success. Math tutors may help with the immediate problem but end when a child catches up. Then, once they are gone, the issues often persist. But with Dropkick Math, we put you in the game with your child. After identifying a child’s problems in mathematics, we step in and work with both parent/caregiver and child to solve them. Unlike a tutor, we are not just a bandaid. We are a lasting solution that gives you and your child the tools to move forward and give math the dropkick it deserves.

Don’t Delay!

Mathematics was among the most affected subjects by the pandemic, and many children still need extra support. Our programs offer math help online for students who may be struggling. Whether your child has been previously enrolled or not, now is the perfect time to join one of the programs. But don’t delay, spots are limited and filling up quickly! Click here now for more information on our fall programs. 

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