Why Is Algebra So Scary?

Algebra can be a scary subject for some students, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little help and encouragement from an algebra tutor, students can learn to love algebra and all of the opportunities it provides for problem-solving and critical thinking. In this post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why algebra is seen as being so difficult, and we’ll offer tips for making the learning process a little less daunting. So if your child is struggling with algebra, read on for some helpful guidance.

Math Anxiety

When we ask the question, “Why is algebra so scary?” the real question should be, “Why are so many people afraid of math?” Math anxiety is a very real phenomenon that can affect both young and old, making many feel nervous about trying to do math.  

But math anxiety is more than just a feeling of nervousness when facing problems. Anxiety can cause physical symptoms such as a racing heart or sweating. With such physical reactions, many people who have math anxiety tend to avoid situations in which they have to do math. Children with math anxiety will often have poor math skills because their first instinct is to avoid the problem. Adults with math anxiety are less likely to succeed in careers relating to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Until recently, educators thought that math anxiety first appeared when children learned complicated mathematics (such as algebra). So this would mean that young children who do not yet do complex math would not experience math anxiety. However, recent research shows that some children as young as six years old say that they feel anxious about math. Therefore, it is essential to address math anxiety when it is first noticed in a child. 

The Language Used To Express Ideas

It’s common for algebra to be seen as a subject that primarily involves memorizing formulas and number crunching. However, when we look closer, algebra is all about logical thinking and problem-solving. When we approach algebra problems, instead of simply plugging numbers into pre-existing formulas, we can think about what the unknown variable represents and how it relates to the other elements in the equation. 

Many students struggle with algebra, assuming it’s just a bunch of new and confusing information. However, algebra is actually the language we use to express ideas and relationships that we already know from real-life experience. Take the concept of “variable,” for example. Variables are just values or objects that can change – like a person’s height or the number of candy bars in a bag. 

We see variables everywhere in daily life, but algebra gives us a way to quantify and communicate those changes more precisely. So the next time your child feels overwhelmed by algebra equations, try to identify the underlying concept they already understand and apply it to solve the problem. Remember, algebra isn’t about learning something new – it’s about putting language into concepts we encounter daily.

This shift in perspective can help students learn to tackle algebra problems with greater creativity and confidence. It’s important to remember that algebra is not just about obtaining the right answer but also understanding its underlying concepts and reasoning. So next time your child is facing an algebra challenge, have them focus on the logic rather than just blindly plugging in numbers.

Why Is Algebra Important?​

Algebra is a crucial foundation for higher-level math and science courses. In algebra, students learn how to solve for variables in equations, representing real-world situations mathematically. This skill is used in all sciences, as well as in engineering and finance. 

Without a basic understanding of algebra, it would be virtually impossible to progress to more advanced math and science courses in college or in certain careers. Therefore, it is important to have a solid grasp of algebraic concepts and techniques. Additionally, learning algebra can help improve critical thinking skills and overall problem-solving abilities that are applicable in many aspects of life beyond academics. Ultimately, studying algebra helps lay the groundwork for future success in various fields.

Making Algebra Fun!​

Algebra can often be challenging for students, but at Dropkick Math Academy, we believe in making learning fun. Through game-based activities and interactive lessons, algebra becomes much more engaging. Students become engaged in problem-solving and critical thinking as they work their way through the game levels, quickly improving their algebra skills without even realizing it. Our approach helps to demystify algebra and make it a less intimidating subject for students. So if algebra has been a struggle for you or your child, come check out Dropkick Math Academy and see how we can make learning enjoyable.

We recently added three new programs to our class list centred around algebra. The Darkness of Algebra Trilogy offers three separate modules that will take children on an adventure as they navigate through the darkness of algebra with the help of Dropkick Lee.

The first in the series will have children battling through the underground world of darkness, where they will explore and review concepts connected to linear and nonlinear visual patterns. The follow-up to Vision Quest builds on the concepts developed in Part 1 by providing students with opportunities to explore and review concepts connected to linear and nonlinear situations and real-life contexts. For the third module, students will battle it out in the dark world and have opportunities to explore and review concepts connected to abstract representations and linear and nonlinear relationship models.

At Dropkick Math Academy, we understand that algebra can be a scary subject, but we take those thoughts and turn them upside down to make it fun! Our programs are taught by certified Ontario teachers who can spot any gaps in learning and get to the root of any misunderstandings.

If you have been searching for algebra tutoring online, look no further. Dropkick Math Academy offers programs that will make your child want to learn! We offer a different take from online math tutors and make learning algebra fun and interactive. 

Check out our programs, and register your child today!

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