The Darkness of Algebra Trilogy

Entering The Dark Side...

For many students, algebra can be a daunting task. It can be scary to face all those new, complicated words and tools while trying to understand what they mean in relation to math. It’s often hard to know where to start, and many students feel overwhelmed by the subject. But as students navigate through the darkness of algebra with the help of Dropkick Lee, they will be able to conquer this challenging topic!

Why is this topic important for my child to learn?

  • So children can…
    • Recognize the difference between linear and non-linear relations 
    • use visual patterns as a springboard to dig into algebraic manipulation and solve equations
    • Strengthen their algebraic reasoning skills
    • Solve equations by connecting processes to contexts
    • explore and review concepts connected to almost completely abstract representations and models of linear and nonlinear relationships
    • Use algebra to solve authentic (or real-world problems)
    • Further develop their multiplicative thinking and proportional reasoning