How Proportional Reasoning Is Used In Everyday Life

As a parent, you might wonder what mathematical concepts your child is learning in school and how they will be used in everyday life. Today, we’re going to take a look at proportional reasoning and how it’s used daily.

Proportional reasoning is the ability to understand that two quantities are in proportion if they change at the same rate. For example, if we know that there are 2 apples for every 3 oranges, then we can also say that there are 6 apples for every 9 oranges. This is because both ratios are equivalent (2:3 = 6:9). This math concept is just one of the four pillars (number sense, operational sense, proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning) that we focus on at Dropkick Math tutoring company. 

Understanding The World Around Us

Too often, children see math as a dull and difficult subject that has no relevance to their lives. However, they are more inclined to want to learn when they understand why math is important in everyday life. After all, math is more than just a set of arbitrary rules. It helps us to understand the world around us and make sense of the patterns we see. 

In fact, math is a vital tool in many different fields, from medicine and engineering to finance and architecture. By showing children how math is used in the real world, we can help them to see its value and appreciate its importance. Only then will they be motivated to learn math and develop the skills they need for success in school and beyond.

What Are Some Examples Of Proportional Reasoning?

When we speak about proportional reasoning, it is essential to help children understand how it can be used in everyday life. If your child is struggling with math concepts, let them know that they have probably already been using proportional reasoning without even knowing it! If they hear that they already know how to do something, it can help boost their confidence and willingness to learn more. 

Some examples of everyday proportional reasoning include:

-When we’re trying to figure out how much shampoo to use, we usually start with a small amount and then add more if we need it. This is because we know that the amount of shampoo is directly proportional to the amount of hair we have.

-When we’re cooking, we often need to double or halve recipes depending on how many people we’re feeding. This requires us to understand that the ingredients are proportional to the number of people we’re serving.

-When we’re driving, we need to constantly adjust our speed based on the flow of traffic. We know that if the traffic is moving faster, we need to speed up; if it’s moving slower, we need to slow down. This is because our speed is directly proportional to the speed of traffic around us.

Why Is Proportional Reasoning Important?

As you can see, proportional reasoning is a useful skill that we use all the time without even realizing it! So next time your child does something where they need to make a quick calculation, let them know that they are using their proportional reasoning skills. 

Proportional reasoning is a skill that allows us to interpret graphs and charts accurately, make comparisons between quantities, and solve problems efficiently. In fact, many algebraic equations can even be solved using proportional reasoning skills. Without these abilities, it would be nearly impossible to navigate daily life tasks effectively. Proportional reasoning is a vital skill that should be developed and honed throughout our education and career.

Building Upon Math Concepts

Mathematics is often considered a series of isolated concepts, each to be memorized and applied to specific problems. However, this view overlooks the fact that mathematics constantly evolves and builds upon itself. One concept can lead to the discovery or development of another, leading to a deeper understanding of the underlying principles at play. 

For example, students who are developing proportional reasoning skills can also improve overall mathematical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Building upon previous concepts is central to the very nature of mathematics and helps explain its power as a problem-solving tool. Without this foundation, Mathematics would not be nearly as effective or versatile. So next time your child struggles with a complex math problem, remember that it may just be laying the groundwork for an even greater discovery in the future. Encourage them to work through the problems using proportional reasoning and demonstrate the equation in a real-life situation to make it more relatable to them. 

About The Four Pillars Of Math

At Dropkick Math Academy, we focus our curriculum on the four pillars of math. As one of the main pillars, we believe that the ability to reason and think proportionally is critical in developing an individual’s ability to understand mathematics. While students may have memorized how to solve a proportion problem, this does not mean they can think proportionally.

As one of the essential understandings of mathematics, all students must acquire good proportional reasoning skills to take them through school and later in life. If your child is struggling with mathematics, it is essential to understand where they need extra help. Our certified Ontario teachers can help your child with any gaps in education and help them catch up with their learning. 

Finding A Reputable Tutoring Company

When it comes to online math help, it can be difficult to find reliable and professional help. Many websites offer generic, automated solutions that can’t address individual student needs. But here at Dropkick Math, we have a team of dedicated math teachers who genuinely care about the success of our students. Our one-on-one approach allows us to tailor each lesson to the student’s specific needs and learning style. In addition, our teachers are all highly trained and passionate about math education. So, whether your child is struggling with algebra or decimals and fractions, our team is here to provide personalized support and guidance every step of the way. Trust us for expert math help from caring professionals.

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