How Dropkick Math Turns Stress Into Success

For far too many adults, math can be a formidable and overwhelming task when trying to help their children with math homework. Whether you are trying to help your child with addition, division, or algebra – it’s not always easy. But what if there was an easier way? 

Introducing Dropkick Math – the online math tutoring program designed specifically to address these common frustrations and turn them into successes! With intuitive instruction, helpful resources and plenty of practice problems – this program is the perfect tool for parents looking to overcome their fear of math while learning alongside their child.  

A Stressful Experience

Getting to grips with math can be a stressful experience for many adults, especially if they have been out of school for some time. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to help your child with math homework. It may seem like math was completely reinvented between the time they learned it in school and the time you had to learn it—so much so that it feels like you might as well be learning a new language! 

Sometimes, even pretending to understand what they’re doing can seem impossible – but perseverance is key! Though math may look completely different after all these years, working through math problems together is still one of the best ways for a parent and child to bond.

Learning Together

Math is a subject that many of us dread, but when it comes to learning math alongside your child, it’s an investment in their future that can be rewarding for both parties. Not only will you be able to help keep your child on track and motivated, but you’ll also strengthen math skills you may have forgotten. Plus, math doesn’t have to be as scary and humdrum as you remember – math can actually be quite fun

By positively engaging with math, you have the opportunity to help your child learn mathematical problem-solving without anxiety or hesitation. Learning math alongside your kid serves not only as bonding time but also offers opportunities for growth and understanding of math concepts. Who knows? You may even learn something new!

Overcoming Math Anxiety

If you are still not convinced that Dropkick Math Academy can help you from stressing about math, you may be suffering from “math anxiety.” Studies show that about half of Americans suffer from math anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and convinced they just “can’t do math.” But this irrational fear shouldn’t get in the way of finding x or y – math can really be quite interesting (in its own special way) if you aren’t afraid to give it a shot. 

One of the most important things to remember is that math anxiety can be passed down from generation to generation, starting in first grade. If you feel uncomfortable with math, it may increase your child’s anxieties and lower their achievement or confidence when completing a project requiring solving complex equations. This is why it is so important to face your fear of math and learn together. 


We can take your stress and turn it into success by learning together at Dropkick Math Academy. Our math programs are expertly designed to allow parents to experience math learning with their children. This encourages the child’s desire to learn math and provides an opportunity for the parent to be a part of their development. Working together on math problems while understanding the material together helps the parent and child better understand math concepts.

 The family bond between parent and child is further strengthened as math becomes something fun that they can experience together rather than an obstacle that must be conquered alone.

Our certified Ontario teachers make math fun and engaging, providing practical solutions that break down difficult questions into do-able tasks. So say goodbye to math woes! The answer to all your math problems starts with Dropkick Math programs. 

What To Expect

The first step with Dropkick Math Academy is taking our FREE assessment. This will help ensure you and your child are placed in the appropriate program for their level of learning. 

In our programs, you, the parent/guardian, will sit alongside your child and learn together. You will be encouraged to help them work through problems while learning how to help them understand math concepts. All of our programs are game-based and designed to help make learning fun and engaging so you and your child will be eager to learn.  

At the end of each class, a time slot is dedicated to discussions with the parents. As a group, parents can ask questions and get clarification on problems or concepts that may need a little more explanation.

Our math help services teach the parents alongside the child, which is one way we stand out from traditional tutors. With the knowledge you will gain at Dropkick Math Academy, it will no longer be a problem when your child comes to you looking for help with their homework! You will not only know the answers to the problems, but you will have learned how to help your child understand the math questions at hand. 

Taking Charge

We have seen tremendous success when parents take charge—by breaking math assignments into manageable chunks, finding innovative ways to tutor or practice math concepts in everyday life, and emphasizing a growth mindset over perfectionism. With these strategies, math homework no longer has to be a source of stress but rather an opportunity for success.

As a leading Waterloo math services business, we have expanded nationwide and have helped hundreds of parents overcome their stress and helped turn it into success! Designed with busy parents in mind, our innovative programs bring together the best elements of traditional and modern math tutoring strategies to create an easy-to-use and incredibly effective approach. Find out more about how Dropkick Math can help you become a successful mathematician in no time!

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