Why Your Child May Need A Math Tutor In The New Year

As the holidays come to a close, students need to refocus their attention on academic pursuits. For kids who have been struggling with math, January is an ideal time to get an extra boost from a math tutor. This can be particularly helpful if they have missed out on their math lesson while on holiday, as it can help them catch up and approach the coming year with greater confidence in math class. With renewed focus, practice and guidance from a math tutor, the New Year promises better results and more enjoyable math classes for your child.

While it’s essential for all children to receive a quality education, math has long been known as one of the most challenging subjects for students. If your child struggles with mathematics or their current grade in this subject area is lower than expected, a math tutor could be beneficial when January rolls around.

Aiming for academic success and keeping up sufficient grades are just two of the positive outcomes that can come from having an experienced math tutor available for extra support and guidance. In this blog post, you’ll find out more about why investing in academic help during January could make all the difference when it comes to your child’s grades and overall confidence. Read on to learn more!

January Learning

January presents math tutors with a rush of inquiries from all sorts of students. It’s usually the time when those needing math help realize how much they have to cram for upcoming tests and exams or just to catch up from the first half of the school year. 

For math tutors, January is undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year because of the heavy demand for their services. With assignments piling up and classes increasing in difficulty, math tutors can come to the rescue by offering students an extra helping hand when it’s needed most. Though math can be difficult for many students, math tutors are there to lighten the load and work through math problems one step at a time. This applies to students of any age. From elementary school through high school and beyond, January can be a time to catch up and refocus on learning. 

Ready For Students

Unfortunately, math classes can be dull and unengaging by the time January rolls around. Many teachers struggle this time of year to keep students interested and engaged. This is why giving math a makeover in the middle of the school year is important: after all, math doesn’t have to be boring

Making math more interactive is one way to excite students; getting them to do math tasks that involve visual aids and activities brings an element of intrigue back into the equations. Additionally, gamifying math lessons by giving rewards can help to encourage enthusiasm in the classroom. By livening up math classrooms and homework in January, students stay focused and engaged through the end of the year.

At Dropkick Math Academy, we are ready for students who may need a helping hand in mathematics this January. Our certified Ontario teachers understand the curriculum your child is learning in school and know how to present it in a more fun and engaging way. 

Our Reward System

At Dropkick Math Academy, we use game-based learning and utilize rewards for students who are willing to learn. At the end of each program, we add up the student’s “battle points” and determine which reward they qualify for. Some of our rewards include Amazon gift cards, Pokemon cards, LOL Surprise dolls, and more!

We have learned that when children are rewarded for their willingness to learn, they put in more of an effort. As previously mentioned, by the time January rolls around, children need a little incentive to keep learning mathematics. After all, it isn’t just kids that sometimes need a little encouragement to do something. As adults, we know that if there is a chore we don’t really want to do, if we think of rewarding ourselves with a drink or something to eat afterward, it motivates us too! 

Progress Reports

In November, your child brought home a progress report that outlined how they were doing in math. While it may have been a busy time when you received the progress report, it is important to revisit it, and take the time to review it with your child. By discussing their strengths and areas for improvement, you can work together to come up with strategies for continued progress in the future.  

If your child had a “Progressing With Difficulty” statement on their report under mathematics, it means they are not progressing in this subject. Research has shown that math and literacy were the two subjects affected the most by the pandemic. So, many students may be showing signs of falling behind in these two areas. If your child received a “Progressing With Difficulty” comment, it should be addressed immediately so that a plan can be developed to help fill the education gap. 

The Perfect Time To Hire A Math Tutor

Now that the holidays are over, it is time to focus on your child’s education. January is the perfect time to hire a math tutor. The holidays are out of the way, and you may have a progress report indicating if your child needs some help. 

At Dropkick Math Academy, we have online math help frequently starting throughout the new year. We offer a range of programs that can help children tackle the area of mathematics that may be causing them anxiety. By starting tutoring in the new year, your child will have time to catch up with their classmates and be able to finish out the year with a higher level of mathematical understanding. 

By creating a “math playground,” at Dropkick Math, children become more eager to learn and will get a boost in their confidence. Learn more about our programs and how we differ from traditional tutors today!

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