How To Incorporate Math Learning Over March Break

There are still a few days left of March break, which means there is still some time to fit in some math learning! We get that March break often means time off from a regular learning routine, but there are some easy, fun ways to keep your child practicing their math skills while on vacation. While online math help such as Dropkick Math Academy is always a good idea, there are many other ways to get your child interested and engaged in math over the holidays. 

Math skills are important to help our kids gain confidence in problem-solving as they grow up, so coming up with creative ways to encourage math exploration doesn’t just have to happen inside the classroom – it can manifest over March break too! Read on to find out how easy and fun incorporating math over break can be.

A Perfect Opportunity

March break is a perfect opportunity for students to explore the world of math and expand their knowledge beyond what is taught in the classroom. It can also be a great time for bonding with friends and family as you explore together. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate math learning over March break.

Get The Games Going!

Board games have long been recognized as a fantastic means of entertainment, but did you know they also serve as an excellent tool for children to practice and develop their math skills? Engaging in such games fosters a fun and interactive environment and enables children to apply their mathematical thinking in real-world contexts. These games have the remarkable ability to challenge and enhance children’s numeracy, problem-solving, and strategic thinking abilities without even realizing that they are learning through play. 

Many board games such as Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Yahtzee, and Risk require basic arithmetic. Another option is to create or purchase math-based card games like “24” which requires players to find combinations that add up to 24 using available cards.

This invaluable practice can aid in strengthening the foundation of math concepts and boosting children’s confidence in their mathematical capabilities. Thus, incorporating board games into a child’s recreational activities can provide a delightful and informative experience with long-lasting benefits.

Turning Trips and Experiences Into Mathematical Intrigue

There’s no doubt that immersing oneself in real-world applications offers a far more stimulating and engaging approach to learning mathematics. Stepping outside the confines of traditional textbooks and exercises, students can turn to an array of unique interactive experiences. Museums, art galleries, aquariums, zoos, and science centers become arenas of exploration where mathematical concepts spring to life unexpectedly. 

Whether observing geometric shapes within the design of a masterpiece at an art gallery or breaking down fractions to better understand an animal’s proportion at the zoo, our world becomes an infinite source of mathematical intrigue. Encountering math in these varied environments deepens the learner’s understanding and fosters an appreciation for the incredible applications of mathematics in the world around us.

Apps & Programs

There are many apps available today which focus solely on teaching mathematical concepts through exciting game experiences. Most of these apps are specifically geared towards certain age groups, so it helps to find one that matches your child’s level of skill/ability before downloading it. 

Additionally, some programs offer video lessons from certified math teachers, which can help boost understanding of more difficult concepts quickly and effectively. These lessons range from short tutorials all the way up to full courses, depending on how much time you want your child to spend on this activity during March Break.

Dropkick Math Academy offers virtual programs taught by certified Ontario teachers that cover a wide range of subjects. Whether your child needs help with fractions, decimals or algebra, we have classes that can help! 

Making Math Activities Fun

For hands-on activities related to mathematics, try folding paper projects like origami or building paper models – this allows for experimenting with shapes (geometry) and patterns (algebra) as well as measuring space (coordinate geometry). For sports enthusiasts who also love numbers, there is fantasy football/basketball/baseball – by making predictions about player performance these leagues provide an excellent opportunity for student engagement. Last but not least, outdoor scavenger hunts make great use of coordinates so that students can learn how distances relate in terms of x & y axes while performing tasks outdoors!

Making Math Enjoyable

Making a “math playground” during March Break will give students something positive they can look back on once school resumes after the break is over. With all the above suggestions, hopefully, parents will find something suitable for their children – whatever they choose should be both educational as well as enjoyable!

Choosing The Right Math Tutor For Your Child

The prospect of hiring a tutor for your child over the holidays can be incredibly beneficial in maintaining academic progress, but it may also present a challenging decision in selecting the perfect fit. It’s essential to consider several factors when embarking on this journey, such as the math tutor’s experience, communication skills, and teaching style that would best complement your child’s learning needs. Understanding your child’s specific academic goals and areas requiring improvement is crucial in guiding the search for the right tutor. 

By actively seeking recommendations from trusted sources, vetting potential candidates, and engaging in open communication with your child, finding the ideal tutor becomes a less daunting task, thus facilitating an enriching learning experience outside the traditional classroom environment.

At Dropkick Math Academy, we wholeheartedly believe in transforming the way children approach and appreciate mathematics by making it a joyful and exciting experience. By encouraging parents to actively participate in their child’s learning journey, we aim to create a nurturing environment where both children and parents can uncover the underlying principles of mathematics hand-in-hand. It is our mission to spark curiosity and foster a genuine love for math, making it a delightful adventure that captivates young minds and empowers them to realize their full potential in this invaluable subject. Together, we can build a strong foundation and lay the groundwork for future success in math and beyond at the Dropkick Math Academy.

For more information about Dropkick Math Academy online math help and to learn if our programs would be a good fit for your child, visit our website today! 

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