Action Plan For Students

New Funding Available From The Ontario Government

Are you a resident in Ontario? If so, did you know that you can apply for direct Catch Up payments to help pay for student learning support? These payments can range from $200 to $250 and are meant to fill gaps that may have emerged from the disruption of education due to COVID‑19. 

This is an important program that Ontario has specially developed for its residents, and it can provide invaluable support to those struggling with their educational needs. Altogether, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of if you’re an Ontario resident. The Ontario government wants its citizens to succeed and is providing these Catch Up payments as a way to do just that! And the best part – it can be used towards math help services such as Dropkick Math Academy!

Using The Ontario Catch-Up Payments

Ontario Catch Up payments are a great way to get the tutoring your child needs without breaking the bank. If you have been worried that your budget won’t cover costs, these Ontario-regulated payments can help lower fees and make tutoring more achievable. 

It’s an ideal solution for families needing assistance in math but who don’t want to spend too much money. With Ontario Catch Up payments, you can put worries about budget aside and focus on finding the right tutor, so your child gets the help they need at school.

Who Is Eligible?

Ontario families with students aged 18 and under enrolled in school are encouraged to take advantage of the recently announced catch-up payment. This payment provides financial support to Ontario households affected by COVID-19, allowing them to get back on their feet. Additionally, Ontario residents with children between 18 and 21 with special needs may also be eligible for this payment program. If you think you qualify for the Catch Up payments, please visit Ontario’s website for more details and eligibility criteria.

But don’t wait! The deadline to apply is March 31, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

How To Apply?

The Ontario government has made applying for the Catch Up payments easy. Simply visit their website and sign up through their secure website. You will need to create a profile to check the status of your application. Only one parent/guardian is eligible to apply and receive payment, and you must submit a separate application for each student 

For more information about applying for the Catch Up payments, visit the Ontario government FAQ page

Why Use Payment Towards Dropkick Math Academy?

We understand that you can hire any math tutor for your child. However, Dropkick Math Academy provides more than simple math tutoring—we provide an in-depth educational resource with professional and certified Ontario teachers who are passionate about helping your child understand the core concepts of mathematics. 

Dropkick Math is more than just an online math tutor. We are dedicated to making sure that each student has a custom-tailored approach that celebrates their unique talents and builds upon them so they can gain valuable knowledge for years to come. Academic success isn’t just about getting the right answers, it’s understanding why those answers are correct. Dropkick Math Academy ensures that your child understands how to get the answer and why it is correct every step of the way.

Game-Based Learning

Dropkick Math Academy has taken the educational approach to learning one step further. Instead of traditional instruction, Dropkick Math Academy incorporates game-based learning into its curriculum. Research shows that this hands-on approach is beneficial for children as they are more engaged and learn more when playing games. 

Dropkick Math Academy makes use of this research and enables children to have fun while they learn. This has translated into better performance in math and greater engagement during classes, making Dropkick Math Academy an ideal choice for any student wanting to improve their skills and learn math operations in a more enjoyable way.

At Dropkick Math, we prioritize that our games be tested and adjusted during creation to guarantee their effectiveness as learning tools. The courses are carefully designed with the most up-to-date educational approaches, thereby providing students with an optimal learning experience. Moreover, game elements can be quickly changed whenever new information becomes available or if the educational approaches need to be adjusted. This allows us to stay up to date and provide our students with the best resources for their success.

Recovering From The Pandemic

As the pandemic shifts to our rear mirror, research into the pandemic’s effect on our children’s education is just beginning to roll in. Of all the subjects that children have been impacted by, math has taken one of the hardest hits. With public school districts across the globe having little to no time to prepare for the massive shift in learning and teaching styles, many students fell behind in their math studies. 

Now our focus needs to be shifted towards bridging that gap of learning and bringing our students back up to speed. The pandemic has had a major effect on our children’s education, but its effects do not have to be lasting if we take action now.

As one of the fastest-growing programs in Ontario aimed at addressing the education gap experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dropkick Math addresses deficiencies while correcting any underlying misconceptions about mathematics. Owned and operated by Ontario teachers, Dropkick math is committed to students’ success in achieving competency in mathematics. 

Our programs allow students to learn foundational math skills and fill in any misunderstandings in mathematics while enabling them to discover new ways of learning while focusing on the four pillars of mathematics (number sense, operational sense, algebraic reasoning and proportional reasoning). Through proven strategies and manipulatives combined with an accelerated learning approach, we help students master math operations while boosting their confidence. 

Free Programs

At Dropkick Math, we proudly offer our math tutoring services as part of the Learning Action Recovery Plan. We have partnered with school boards throughout the province and are able to offer some students FREE programs. These programs are funded by the Ontario government and offer students math help services by certified Ontario teachers. 

Visit our page today to see if your child is eligible for funded programs. If your child is not registered in one of the school boards we currently partner with, the Ontario Catch Up funding is another great way to get started with our programs. 

Learn more about our programs and register your child for math tutoring today!

Action Plan For Students

Was Your Child Previously Enrolled in Dropkick Math?

Last year, through Ontario’s Learning Action Recovery Plan for Students Dropkick Math Academy was able to offer our programs to various school boards across Ontario. The plan was designed to help students who had been struggling in school catch up and get back on track. It invested heavily in tutoring support and included summer learning, a focus on reading, math and other foundational skills, as well as targeted initiatives intended to address unique barriers that some students may have faced. 

If your child previously participated in our programs as part of the Learning Action Recovery Plan, you may wonder, “now what?” We have had countless testimonials of parents who were extremely pleased with how their children progressed with our programs. Many students finished their program full of confidence and eagerness to learn. However, now they are back in school, some may be struggling again. Our programs are sequential, so if your child took part in them previously, they can easily join the next one and pick up right where they left off! For example, if your child was previously enrolled in “Becoming a Fraction Hero,” they will continue their dropkick adventure with “Becoming A Dropkick Fraction Master.”

School Board Funding

We are currently waiting for each school board to allocate their funding as part of Ontario’s new plan to help students who may have been affected by missed education due to the pandemic. As part of this initiative, we are hopeful that we will be able to offer programs in your child’s school board once again. 

However, we currently have spots for our fall programs for regular admissions. If you prefer not to wait until your child’s school board allocates funding, you can register your child now for any of our fall classes. 

For all school boards, please check our website for continuing information on education funding. Once we get the go-ahead from each board to accept new students, we will send out notification emails to all parents.

Why Choose Dropkick Math?
When it comes to math tutoring, there are many choices available. Here at Dropkick Math Academy, we strive to set ourselves apart from the ordinary. We offer a unique approach to math tutoring that is based on the premise that math should be fun, so we use games to teach math concepts. And because the games are specifically designed to teach math concepts, you can be sure that your child is getting a quality education. Plus, the games are so much fun that your child will never even realize they’re doing their homework! We believe that making math fun can help students better understand and retain the concepts. 

Even though we strive for fun, it doesn’t mean we aren’t serious about learning. All of our instructors at Dropkick Math are certified Ontario teachers who offer research-based math learning techniques. Our unique programs focus on the fundamental misunderstandings your child may have in math and can provide them with the necessary skills to keep advancing. We work with your child to understand the underlying problems rather than just focusing on helping them through the material they are learning at school.

At Dropkick Math, we are a tutoring company that also believes that parent/caregiver involvement is essential for a student’s success. Math tutors may help with the immediate problem but end when a child catches up. Then, once they are gone, the issues often persist. But with Dropkick Math, we put you in the game with your child. After identifying a child’s problems in mathematics, we step in and work with both parent/caregiver and child to solve them. Unlike a tutor, we are not just a bandaid. We are a lasting solution that gives you and your child the tools to move forward and give math the dropkick it deserves.

Don’t Delay!

Mathematics was among the most affected subjects by the pandemic, and many children still need extra support. Our programs offer math help online for students who may be struggling. Whether your child has been previously enrolled or not, now is the perfect time to join one of the programs. But don’t delay, spots are limited and filling up quickly! Click here now for more information on our fall programs. 

Action Plan For Students

About Ontario’s Learning Recovery Action Plan For Students

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Education Minister Stephen Lecce has developed Ontario’s Learning Recovery Action Plan to help students caught in the midst of the global disruption. This comprehensive plan is designed to support struggling students and address the unique challenges that they may face. It includes a variety of interventions, such as reading and math tutoring support and targeted initiatives for mental health and well-being. By investing in these types of initiatives, Ontario is working to bridge learning gaps and improve academic achievement for all students across the province. Overall, this plan marks an important step forward in ensuring that students are able to thrive both academically and mentally during this time of change and uncertainty.

Making An Investment

As part of the Ontario government’s Learning Recovery Action Plan, a significant investment of over $176 million has been made in tutoring services to help students recover from the impact of educational gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These investments will provide opportunities for small group tutoring services offered outside of school hours, on weekends, over the summer, and at other times and locations that are culturally and community appropriate.

These tutoring services will focus on helping students improve their reading and math skills, which are fundamental building blocks for academic success. By investing in these essential learning supports, the Ontario government is demonstrating its commitment to providing all students with equal opportunities to achieve their full potential. Whether during this difficult period or as we move forward into a new academic year, we must do everything we can to ensure that our students receive the support they need to thrive. And with this investment in tutoring services, Ontario is well on its way to achieving this goal.

Our Involvement 

At Dropkick Math, we are fiercely committed to supporting Ontario’s students and helping them succeed. The initiative of Ontario’s Learning Recovery Action Plan aims to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and fulfill their potential as future leaders of our province. Through our involvement in the Learning Recovery Action Plan, we work directly with educators in classrooms across the province, providing innovative math learning resources that allow students to gain a stronger understanding of foundational math concepts and develop key problem-solving skills. By investing in Ontario’s students today, we are building a brighter future for all Ontarians tomorrow. 

Free Programs

At Dropkick Math, we provide high-quality tutoring services that help students achieve their academic goals. Whether your child needs extra help with fractions or is struggling with algebra, our expert tutors can provide the targeted instruction and support that he or she needs to succeed in math class. The Learning Recovery Action Plan allows us to offer our math programs FREE of charge, breaking down barriers for students who might otherwise be unable to access the support they need. By partnering with school boards across Ontario, we are able to reach more students and give them the educational foundation they need for future success. 

All of our instructors at Dropkick Math are certified Ontario teachers who offer research-based math learning techniques. Our unique programs focus on the fundamental misunderstandings your child may have in math and can provide them with the skills they need to keep advancing. We work with your child to understand the underlying problems rather than just focusing on helping them through the material they are learning at school.

So if you’re ready to take the first step toward building a brighter future for your child, learn more about Ontario’s Learning Recovery Action Plan and see if we have partnered with your child’s school board. We look forward to working with your child!