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Closing The Learning Gap Created By The Pandemic With Online Tutoring

Closing The Learning Gap Created By The Pandemic With Online Tutoring

Closing The Learning Gap Created By The Pandemic With Online Tutoring

Chances are, during the past couple of years, your child has struggled to keep up with their studies. With the pandemic pushing students out of classrooms and into virtual learning, many students have fallen behind and are showing educational gaps. Many parents are now left scrambling and searching online for “math tutor near me.”

The good news is that many tutoring services have gone online, which makes it much easier and more convenient for many families. Research has shown that tutoring is one of the best ways for students to catch up and prevent gaps caused by the pandemic before they turn into something bigger. Online tutoring can provide fast and practical support for students and parents alike.

Learning Loss

Learning loss is commonly associated with the summer break. After being out of school for many weeks, students can lose some of their academic skills and knowledge. But over the past couple of years, it isn’t just the summer break interfering with student learning. During the pandemic, students may have experienced learning loss during this time as well.

Despite many efforts from parents and teachers, switching to online learning lead to disrupted schedules and feeling disconnected from school. This has all contributed to an unsettled learning environment.

A learning loss on a large scale like such has occurred during the pandemic can have a lifelong impact on affected students. Studies show that students already struggling in the classroom before the pandemic are most likely to be affected. If left unaddressed, this learning gap will likely get even more significant.

Why Tutoring Is The Best Solution

There are many reasons why tutoring is the best solution for filling in any gaps in a child’s education. Research has shown that tutoring can give students transformational results in a short amount of time. Therefore, it is more effective than summer school or extended school days. 

Tutors are commonly known and used worldwide. However, online tutoring services are now becoming more popular than ever. Online tutoring such as Dropkick Math can offer students an easy and convenient way to catch up on their studies. Online tutors can provide targeted teachings focusing on individual students’ needs and building from there. Our programs adapt lesson content to fit the needs of individual students in a way that simply isn’t possible in a typical classroom.

Our programs can also change the pace of learning to suit your child’s needs, making the process effective and efficient. Students who feel a sense of success in their studies will build confidence that they can take back with them into the classroom. Our fun and engaging games and quizzes have students eager to complete their work.


The past couple of years has pushed many students into becoming comfortable with e-learning solutions. Any child who has access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone and a good Wi-Fi connection can access our programs. 

We like to think of ourselves as “math program Toronto experts,” which means we understand how online learning improves retention as students can learn at their own pace.

The Benefits For Parents

Many remote working parents have faced challenges trying to homeschool their children and get their work done. With online tutoring, parents can rest assured that a professional will make sure they are learning what they need and getting the work done.

At Dropkick Math, we encourage parents to learn alongside their children. If they so wish, parents can actively get involved with the programs. Our trained instructors will help build a parent’s mathematics capacity so they can adequately support their child’s journey in elementary math. Success is achieved by learning together!

A More Convenient Approach

Math tutoring and support come in many forms and are no longer limited to hiring a local high school or college student to sit with your child at home or in the library. While that model may work for some, many students are eager for a more interactive and convenient approach that focuses on building relationships.

An online math tutor service can help your child close in any education gaps and help to ensure they are prepared for the year ahead. At Dropkick Math, our programs focus on the four pillars of math and can help your child no matter how much they are struggling.

For more information on our programs or to learn if they are suitable for your child, contact us today!