Why We Start With An Assessment

It is absolutely understandable as a parent that you might wonder why our math help services start with a comprehensive, detailed assessment. Your child’s journey towards better comprehension in mathematics should always start with a clear understanding of where they are at present and where they want to go. At Dropkick Math Academy, this mandatory first step is to make sure we’re on the right path together. 

We know that not all children learn at the same pace, and this is why it is imperative that we understand where your child may be experiencing gaps in their learning. Our Ontario-certified teachers are trained to not only teach but also to understand each child’s learning patterns, strengths, and areas that need improvement. All this essential information is mined from the initial assessment, painting a comprehensive picture of your child’s academic situation. 

The primary goal of an assessment is not to measure but to understand. It is the intersection where teaching meets learning. And that is why we start with an assessment – it’s not about testing your child but understanding them. Let’s delve into why the initial assessment at Dropkick Math Academy is so crucial: 

  • It helps us assign the appropriate tutor: The assessment helps us match your child with a teacher who’s best suited to their learning style and needs.
  • It helps us place children in the appropriate program: The results of the assessment allow us to understand which program is the right fit. 
  • It provides a starting point: By knowing where your child is, we can set realistic goals, plan the way forward, and measure progress.

So, while an initial assessment might seem daunting, it is, in fact, a stepping stone to a journey of exploration, understanding, and mastery in mathematics. We encourage every child to embrace it with an open mind, seeing it not as a challenge, but as a starting line from which they can sprint forward into a world of numbers, equations, and solutions. Let’s get started together.

The Importance Of Starting With An Assessment

At Dropkick Math Academy, we firmly believe that every child comes with a unique set of learning abilities, skills, and knowledge levels. Nothing exemplifies this more clearly than in the subject of math—it’s a universe that each child navigates differently. Therefore, to help them traverse this complex cosmos and excel, we start them with our FREE assessment. 

But, you might wonder, why do we emphasize on starting with an assessment? Here’s why. 

Identifying Individual Learning Needs with an Assessment 

The key to effective tutoring lies in the ability to customize the learning plan to fill specific gaps in a child’s understanding and extend their knowledge. But no need to worry, at Dropkick Math Academy, we do not throw your child in the deep end of mathematical equations and theorems. Instead, we use a thorough assessment to identify these gaps and understand their current level of proficiency. 

A good teacher never makes assumptions but instead builds on evidence-based knowledge

As such, beginning with an assessment equips our tutors with the right insights to develop the best-suited tutoring plan for your child. 

A Curriculum Tailored to Your Child’s Needs 

Once we have a clear snapshot of a child’s academic situation from the assessment, we then have the ability to place them in a program specifically for their needs. By creating a personalized roadmap for progress, our certified Ontario teachers are better positioned to help your child master fundamental skills, grasp new concepts and become comfortable with solving complex problems.  We currently offer 8 different programs and are consistently adding new curriculum. 

Building Confidence and Comfort from the Ground Up 

Learning starts with comfort and confidence. We understand that math can sometimes appear like an intimidating subject for some. Our detailed assessment goes a long way in alleviating any initial anxieties. It helps us understand not just the math skills, but also the child’s approach towards problem-solving, learning style, and emotional reactions to math problems. By addressing these aspects from the get-go, we foster a positive and comfortable learning environment which further enhances learning efficiency. This process can help alleviate any math anxiety your child may be experiencing. 

Understanding Your Child’s Academic Needs

Our aim isn’t just to be another tutoring program. We believe that the first step to helping your child succeed in math, or any subject for that matter, is to understand their academic needs thoroughly. That’s why we have put a hefty emphasis on initial assessments. 

An initial assessment provides us with a detailed perspective of your child’s current academic competence. Instead of jumping into tutoring, we first aim to comprehend where your child currently stands academically. This thorough understanding informs us about areas that need more emphasis, topics that your child might already excel in, and how we can best build a customized learning plan to cater to their specific needs. 

For instance, it is because of these assessments that we can recognise if your child is grappling with a particular concept, say fractions, but is extraordinary when dealing with equations. Having this knowledge at our fingertips will allow us to develop a plan that reinforces abilities in fractions, maintaining their strengths in equations and instigating a positive growth effort on their overall mathematics relationship. 

Our certified Ontario teachers are skilled at not only conducting these assessments but also interpreting the results in a way that provides true insight into your child’s academic situation. Besides, they ensure the comfort of your child throughout the process, creating an environment conducive to open communication and true reflection of their abilities. 

We want to make sure that we are not just addressing your child’s academic needs for now but setting them up for success in the long run. So, let us help you understand your child’s needs and actualize their academic potential. Together, let’s make learning an empowering journey for your child, starting with knowing where they are right now and where they want to be. At Dropkick Math Academy, we believe in paving the way for a brighter, more knowledgeable tomorrow for your child.

Certified Ontario Teachers: The Difference They Make

In our commitment to providing personalized, high-quality education, we are more than just an online math tutor using an assessment to place children in programs. Dropkick Math Academy exclusively employs certified Ontario teachers. This discerning choice substantially impacts the quality of education your child receives, coupled with the familiarity it affords our educators with the provincial curriculum. 

What difference do certified Ontario teachers make? 

  1. Curriculum Expertise: Certified Ontario teachers have undergone rigorous training and examination in the Ontario school curriculum. This intimate knowledge allows them to identify where a student’s understanding diverges from curriculum expectations, thus making a targeted intervention possible. The teachers know the curriculum standards and can teach towards your child meeting and exceeding those standards.
  2. Proven Pedagogical Skills: A certified Ontario teacher has a toolbox of effective teaching strategies, honed through years of training and in-class experience. They can translate complex mathematical concepts into understandable terms, adjust teaching methods based on a child’s learning style, and effectively manage time to ensure comprehensive coverage of topics. This versatility enhances your child’s ability to grasp mathematical concepts in a way that makes sense.
  3. Continuous Professional Development: Ontario teachers are required to partake in ongoing professional learning. This means they are always on the cutting edge of educational practices, strengthening their teaching abilities and staying updated on changes in curriculum or teaching methods.

This high standard of quality in our educators provides parents with peace of mind that Dropkick Math Academy students are being taught by professionals in tune with Ontario’s education system. Our certified teachers give your child the added benefit of experience and expertise to ensure they excel not just at the academy, but also in their regular school environment. 

Beyond their knowledge and experience, our tutors offer your child an empathetic, encouraging environment. They continually build and nurture a learning space where questions are welcomed, difficult topics are tackled with tenacity, and successes are celebrated. In this caring environment, children grow in skill and confidence, overcoming mathematical challenges with ease and enjoyment. 

In conclusion, our quest at Dropkick Math Academy is to understand the distinctive academic needs of each child and tailor our tutoring programs to meet those requirements. Using methods that adhere to Ontario’s high educational standards, our team of certified teachers aim to transform children’s perception of math from intimidating to intriguing. 

A Beneficial Tool

Assessments are not about judging your child. Instead, they are a beneficial tool that enables us to identify and navigate through any challenges your child may be facing. But how does our FREE assessment work? Simply click this link to and sign up. You will receive an email with your exclusive invitation to start the assessment when it is convenient for your child. 

The assessment is game-based and takes your child on a fun and engaging adventure where they answer specific questions to test their level of understanding. There are no calculators allowed and we ask that there is no help from parents or guardians. We need to understand where children may be missing some gaps in their education. 

Once your child has completed the assessment, a member from the Dropkick Math Academy team will look over the scores and email you with the appropriate program for your child. 

We believe in the potential of every child that crosses our threshold. That is why we take initial assessments seriously, to ensure that we are commencing their educational journey on a note of comprehension and awareness. Our commitment extends beyond just academic prosperity, to nurturing a climate of growth, curiosity and ambition. 

Get started with our FREE assessment today and start your child on their academic journey that will set them up for a bright future.

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