Fractions & Knights of the Whole Table

King Array & Fractured Knights of the Whole Table

Suit up with your child as you battle against Knights and Sorcerers to bring mathematical order to King Array’s Whole Table. In this module, children will gain a better understanding of how fractions work. They will represent, compare and order fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions using visual representations to develop a conceptual understanding of equivalency among numbers. Throughout this module, children will improve on their abilities to solve questions using mental math. Your child will quickly learn that understanding fractions is their true armor which gives them the power to defeat their math anxiety. 

Fractions are one of the greatest barriers to math success and one of the main causes of math anxiety. Our goal is to improve your child’s understanding, skills and confidence when using fractions. By giving them the confidence they need to battle the knights and sorcerers, they can overcome the stress of learning mathematics.

This module centers around improving a child’s’ number sense and proportional reasoning skills with fractions. As parent and child work together to defeat the knights and sorcerers, fractions will seem less intimidating, and children will gain confidence in their learning abilities. Parents will also get to see the importance of making fractions visual and how this helps their child’s comprehension of not only what the symbol represents, but also how it compares and combines with other numbers.

Why is this topic important for my child to learn?

  • So children can…
    • Make connections between whole numbers and fractions
    • Strengthen their proportional reasoning skills
    • Develop a solid understanding of the various meanings that fractions can have
    • Develop proficiency with fractions which is an important foundation for learning more advanced mathematics
    • Become comfortable with abstraction in mathematics in preparation for more advanced algebra

The National Mathematics Panel Report suggests that “difficulty with learning fractions is pervasive and is an obstacle to further progress in mathematics and other domains dependent upon mathematics, including algebra. It has also been linked to difficulties in adulthood, such as failure to understand medication regimens” (as cited in Petit, Laird & Marsden, 2010).