Why A Virtual Math Tutor May Be Better For Your Child

As parents, we want our children to succeed academically. We want them to have the necessary resources and opportunities available to them as they work hard toward their education. But with today’s realities, it can be difficult for parents to provide their children with in-person math tutoring services due to various restrictions such as time or cost. 

Fortunately, with the development of technology, math help online can offer a viable alternative which comes with fewer financial and time costs while still allowing your child to receive high-quality instruction. Dropkick Math Academy is known as a leading provider of Waterloo math services serving the surrounding areas. 

The Benefits Of Virtual Math Tutoring

Virtual math tutoring services are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a plethora of advantages over traditional face-to-face tutoring. With virtual math tutoring, students gain access to one-on-one instruction from qualified teachers who understand each student’s abilities and can adjust their teaching style accordingly. 

The interactive nature of online learning means that teachers can use visuals and other instructional aids to ensure deeper learning during each session. At Dropkick Math Academy, we ditch the boring textbooks and use game-based learning to make our programs more engaging for children who need a more stimulating way of learning. This can result in quicker academic progress for many students.

In addition, virtual tutors are more cost-effective when compared to traditional learning methods; you don’t need to pay for expensive textbooks or enroll your child in an after-school program, which may add up quickly. At Dropkick Math Academy, we take it one step further by offering a payment plan that is charged every couple of weeks so that you can budget accordingly.

One of the biggest benefits of virtual math tutoring is the convenience it provides. There’s no need for your child to travel back and forth between school or home, where parents may need to interrupt their workday to make sure they get to tutoring on time. 

Virtual sessions can occur at your child’s pace and comfort level, allowing them to gain the confidence needed to progress. Plus, since lesson materials are sent directly through email, your child will have easy access to them should they want to practice outside of regular session times!

Stories Of Success!

While there are various general benefits of getting math help online, there are also large achievements that can be seen in individual students. For example, children who shy away from group tutoring may excel in Dropkick Math’s math tutoring as we only allow a maximum of four students per class. This means your child will still have the advantage of learning from their peers without being overwhelmed and feeling lost in a large group of students. 

At Dropkick Math Academy, we take pride in helping children gain the confidence they need to succeed in mathematics. This is why we love hearing stories from parents who have seen a change in their children after using our virtual math tutoring.

For example, parents have shared stories with us about how their children with learning differences came to Dropkick Math Academy with very little confidence. But, with our innovative math learning techniques, they learned how to conquer their fear of math and began to enjoy learning the subject. 

Children who don’t do well in a traditional classroom thrive with our fun and engaging tutoring style. We have many testimonials of parents who saw a whole new level of interest from their child in mathematics due to our teaching methods. 

These are the stories we love to hear! At Dropkick Math Academy, we strive to give children the confidence they need to conquer math and excel in the future. 

How Virtual Learning Allows Children To Learn Together

At Dropkick Math Academy, our group classes allow students of similar ability levels to learn together without feeling intimidated by those who may be ahead in terms of comprehension or speed – something which may happen when two students attempt the same course through traditional means such as a classroom setting. 

Small group classes can also come in handy for parents whose children require peer interaction when engaging with course material but may not have enough friends interested in this field. Our classes create a fun and engaging space where children can virtually work together while gaining the confidence in mathematics to help them succeed. 

A Valuable Solution

For parents looking for reliable ways to assist their children in pursuing better grades than would otherwise be possible without extra help, virtual math tutoring offers a valuable solution worth considering – particularly if physically visiting instructors isn’t feasible due to financial or time constraints or other factors at hand. 

At Dropkick Math Academy, we have Ontario-certified teachers who can tailor their lessons toward each student’s unique needs. Plus, there is no need to shop for costly supplies. All materials needed for our programs will be mailed to students at no additional charge before the class starts. With all of these conveniences of online math help – what’s not to love?

Learn more about our programs today, and get your child started with our Early Indicators Assessment.

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