Should Your Child Try “Free” Tutoring?

We all want the best for our children, and that often includes ensuring they have the best education possible. But in today’s economy, many families are also looking for ways to reduce expenses. One option that is often considered is hiring a free tutor. But would free tutoring be a good option for your family? Before hiring a tutor, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of free tutoring first.

Do Your Research

Parents want what is best for their children, and that includes getting a good education. In recent years, there has been a growing focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, and many parents are looking for ways to give their children a leg up in these subject areas. One option that has become increasingly popular is hiring a math tutor. However, not all tutors are created equal. It is important to do your research and learn about each program before committing to anything. 

Children, math tutor, free. These are all words that, on the surface, seem to go together. After all, what could be more appealing than getting a free math tutor for your child? However, you should consider a few things before taking advantage of free tutoring services. First of all, while the service may be free, it’s important to remember that you usually get what you pay for. The quality of the instruction may not be as high as you would get from a paid tutor. Additionally, free tutors may not be as reliable as paid ones. They may not be able to commit to regular sessions or may cancel at the last minute. This can be frustrating for children who are trying to learn and make progress. 

Traditional free math tutoring often only offers help to students in a “Band-Aid style” format, fixing only any miscomprehension of current lessons. This does not address the root cause of misunderstanding mathematical calculations, which may lead to students left feeling frustrated or even ultimately defeated down the line. Most free tutors will most likely not provide children with focused learning so they will never get to the root of their misunderstanding. 

Finally, free tutors may not have the same level of experience or qualifications as paid tutors. While they may be passionate about math, they may not have the same expertise as someone who has been formally trained in teaching children. So while free tutoring sounds like a great opportunity, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. By taking the time to do your homework, you can ensure that you find a tutor who will help your child succeed in math.

Our “Free” Programs

At Dropkick Math, we are proud partners with some of Ontario’s school boards. This means that we are able to offer free programs to students in participating school boards as part of Ontario’s Learning Recovery Action Plan For Students. The plan is designed to help students who have been struggling in school catch up and get back on track. It invests heavily in tutoring support and includes summer learning, a focus on reading, math and other foundational skills, as well as targeted initiatives intended to address unique barriers that some students may face.

So, yes, students who are eligible for this program can enroll in Dropkick Math Academy for free, since it is funded by the Ontario government. Since this is a government-funded initiative, the programs offered through the Learning Recovery Action Plan are the same ones provided for other students who may not be part of the school boards who are participating. There are no shortened modules or missing information. Our programs are all the same whether your child comes to us through the Learning Recovery Action Plan or not. 

How We Differ

At Dropkick Math, our programs are designed specifically around closing gaps due to missed learning. We differ from traditional tutors by focusing on the critical learning gaps and using modern innovative teaching techniques to address deficiencies while correcting any underlying misunderstood formulas. 

We also aren’t just an alternative to hiring a free tutor. We offer fun and exciting math help services as a way for students to thrive in mathematics. Our innovative programs use engaging games to focus on the fundamental misunderstandings children may have in math and provide them with the skills they need to keep advancing to the next level of competency. By focusing on the four pillars of math (number sense, operational sense, algebraic reasoning, and proportional reasoning), our programs help students fully understand the base fundamentals of mathematics. At the conclusion of our Waterloo math services program, students can persevere through vigorous math challenges, ask questions for clarification, and learn from valuable mistakes.

Build Confidence

Mathematics can be a challenge for many students of all ages. Dropkick Math aims to break down those challenges and build confidence with a complete understanding of math and its relationship to real-world situations through a fun and engaging learning environment. By making math fun and engaging, children will want to participate and learn more, setting themselves up for a future built on success. 

Get started today by learning more about our programs and having your child complete the free assessment.

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