Becoming a Fraction Hero with Operations

Fraction Heroes Assemble!!!

The world of math is often filled with despair and anxiety for children who struggle with truly understanding the concept of fractions. As one of the most significant barriers to your child’s success in math, fractions are known to be one of the main contributors to math anxiety. But this can be avoided as you become your child’s sidekick as they transition into a fractions superhero! 

Children will work specifically with adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators. They will also work with multiplying and dividing fractions with whole numbers. Throughout this module, children will gain the ability to add and subtract fractions, using mental math

This module takes your team on an adventure, battling villains that use those feelings of despair and anxiety to help keep children confused about how fractions really work. With the help of heroes like Captain Struggle, you and your child will master the four operations using fractions all the way along. Turning your child’s uncertainty into confidence will not only save the world but also make homework struggles a thing of the past.

Why is this topic important for my child to learn?

  • So children can…
    • Make connections between fractions and decimals and use each form flexibly
    • Strengthen their proportional reasoning skills
    • Develop a robust ability to reason with and operate on quantities with fractions that will support children in their mathematics education and in daily living (e.g., cooking, carpentry, sewing)
    • Develop proficiency with fractions which is an important foundation for learning more advanced mathematics
    • Become comfortable with abstraction in mathematics in preparation for more advanced algebra