5 Ways To Support Your Elementary School Child

5 Ways To Support Your Elementary School Child

When a child struggles in mathematics, parents need to become involved and help support their education. However, many parents aren’t sure where to start or how to properly support their child without being overbearing restricting or interfering. If you feel this way, you are not alone. It can be challenging to find the right balance when trying to support them when struggling.

As a co-founder of Dropkick Math, I spend many days giving back to my community by teaching parents how to become part of the equation in their child’s learning. I firmly believe that the key to a child getting the most out of their education is when a parent gets involved and supports them every step of the way.

How To Support Your Child

At Dropkick Math, we believe relationships are a big part of learning success. The following are the top 5 ways to support your elementary school child if they struggle with their education. 

Meet Your Child’s Teacher

Every parent should meet their child’s teacher, and there are many formal and informal opportunities to do so throughout the year. Attending parent/teacher conferences is a great way to show that you are an active and involved part of your child’s education. If you can’t make it during the scheduled time or date, make sure you reschedule and make it happen. Meeting a teacher is an excellent opportunity to create a positive relationship while understanding the teacher’s goals and learning about your child’s education.

Find The Right Kind Of Extra Help

Many children are experiencing an education gap caused by the pandemic. If your child is experiencing difficulty in the classroom, it may mean that their learning style could benefit from additional or different types of teaching. Dropkick Math help services fill in a child’s education gap and teaches them that math is fun.

Through exciting and educational games and quizzes, our programs offer students the opportunity to get help with their studies while enjoying learning.

Have A Positive Attitude Towards School

Parents often overlook the importance of their attitude towards mathematics. A child can easily pick up on math anxiety from a parent or mirror their lack of enthusiasm for studying math. It is important for parents to always keep a positive attitude towards education even if you believe there are flaws in the system or your own experience with school could have been better. By giving a child a role model, they will follow your lead and reach greater success.

Pay Attention To Report Cards

Currently, too many parents don’t pay attention to report cards the way they should. It is vital to understand how to read a report card so that you can better help your child succeed. Look beyond the letter grades and pay attention to report card comments and key areas your child may need to focus on. It is equally important to note the positive traits that your child is demonstrating in the classroom. Open a discussion with your child and offer praise where it is due and help where it may be needed.

Fun And Engaging Programs

Over the past couple of years, many parents and children have struggled with education. Dropkick Math offers programs that can help a child improve their math skills and get the parent/caregiver involved. With our fun and engaging programs, children will learn to become more at ease with math problems and build their confidence. 

Whether you are looking for help in math for grade 4,5 or 3, we have got you covered! Our team of qualified Ontario Certified Teachers understand the pandemic’s impact on children and can work towards building their confidence, allowing them to thrive in mathematics. 

By understanding the fundamentals of the four pillars of math, students can overcome any misunderstandings they are having and acquire new skills that will set them up for a future of success. To support your child, learn more about our programs today!