5 Signs Your Child Needs Help In Math

5 Signs Your Child Needs Help In Math

Does your child need help with their math?

Believe it or not, sometimes it’s difficult to tell. Many parents often believe their child only needs math tutoring if they struggle in school. However, with the disruption in learning caused by COVID over the past couple of years, it is becoming commonplace for students of all skill levels to get math help services.

But, at-home tutors can be costly, and they often only go over immediate concepts that the student is having trouble with. They can help students get through the task at hand, but tutoring only helps in a Band-Aid style format. It doesn’t always allow the student to learn the root of the concept they were initially struggling with and won’t set them up with the skills needed for their future. This is why many students prefer Dropkick Math programs over traditional math tutoring. Our programs address the immediate issues a student may be having and sets them up for future success in learning. 

If a child needs help with their math studies, signs often signal they are struggling. The following are some of the most common warning signs that your child may need some extra help this year. 

Level Of Frustration

Even if your child is able to figure out answers to a math problem, one thing to look out for is their level of frustration when doing their homework. Did it take a long time for them to complete it? Were they vocal in saying they didn’t understand it? If your child’s homework becomes a long, frustrating task, it may be time for help.

Frustration is often a result of your child not having mastered the basic foundations in math. This can cause them to struggle with a topic or lesson as it becomes more challenging. You might find that they understand some of the concepts, but they start facing difficulty when required to perform more advanced skills on their own.

Unfortunately, your child’s math class will move on to the next topic regardless of whether all the students have mastered what is being taught. So, a sign of frustration may mean your child has not comprehended what has been taught in the classroom.

5 Signs Your Child Needs Help In Math

Your Child’s Grades Are Slipping

Your child’s grades can slip without moving to the point of extreme concern. For example, your child may have previously excelled in math, mainly earning A’s on their assignments, but you may start to realize that they have slipped into Bs. It may not seem like too big of a deal as your child may still be excelling in performing better than some of his or her peers. While this may be true, if your child’s grades are slipping, this may mean they’re losing confidence or haven’t fully grasped the concepts being taught.

If your child’s grades are starting to slip, it is essential to act on them before hitting an alarming point. Offering your child math help when they are still making decent grades is far easier than pulling up a failing grade to passing.

Lack Of Enthusiasm

Not every child will be a cheerleader for every subject in school, but if your child once loved mathematics and doesn’t anymore, it may be time to check in with them to see what’s going on. Their loss of enthusiasm for math may mean that they are struggling with the topic they are currently learning in school. It may mean it just isn’t as fun as it used to be to them.

If this is the case, reaching out for help to Dropkick Math may definitely help remedy the problem. Our programs will work with your child to understand the concepts and present the strategies in a fun and engaging way to help inspire their love of math again.

Loss Of Confidence

It may be time to take action if your former math-loving child starts saying things like, “I’m just not good at math.” This loss of confidence may mean that your child is finding the math concepts that are now being taught more confusing.

If your child is showing signs that they are lacking confidence in themselves when learning math, it may be time to look into math help services.

Your Child Asks For Help

Nothing can be more of a warning sign than if your child asks for help. While not every student is straightforward and will ask their parents for a tutor, some may recognize when they need additional help and support.

If your child reaches out to you and expresses that they may need math help, it is important to listen to their requests and open the conversation about why they feel they need the help. This can help you better understand their situation so you can assess how much help they may need and how they may be falling behind in their education.

How We Can Help

Math tutoring and support come in many forms and are no longer limited to hiring a local high school or college student to sit with your child at home or in the library. While that model may work for some, many students are eager for a more interactive and convenient approach that focuses on building relationships.

At Dropkick Math, we offer online Waterloo math services to help your child build solid foundations and improve their math skills and grades. Our programs focus on the four pillars of math and can help your child no matter how much they are struggling.

For more information on our programs or to learn if they are suitable for your child, contact us today.