As educators, our primary goal is to provide all students with equal opportunities to reach their full potential. However, with the unprecedented events over the past few years that have led to missed education, many students are at risk of falling behind. This is where a Response To Intervention (RTI) plan becomes crucial.

RTI is an evidence-based approach that identifies and supports struggling students by providing them with targeted interventions. With the implementation of a solid RTI plan, every student can receive the support they need to catch up and succeed. We must prioritize the implementation of RTI plans to ensure that no student is left behind due to missed education.

What Is Response To Intervention?

RTI, also known as a multi-tiered system of support, is a powerful tool that ensures every student receives the attention and time they need to learn to their best ability. The system contains a range of systematic interventions that target all students, regardless of their level. The key philosophy behind RTI is that schools should not wait until a student falls behind to provide help but instead give timely and targeted support as soon as an issue is identified. By using RTI, schools can ensure that every student has the support they require to reach their full potential.


Dropkick Math Academy’s after-school tutoring programs are an excellent model for school boards who are looking for Tier 3 RTI.

Dropkick Math Academy is known throughout Canada as one of the fastest-growing programs in the country aimed at addressing the education gap experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past few years, we have partnered with various regional school boards to provide math tutoring services through the Learning Recovery Action Plan.

These programs are an excellent option for schools with difficulty finding certified teachers for after-school programs.
As the school year progresses, administrators are faced with the challenge of providing quality after-school tutoring and enrichment programs for their students. However, with a growing shortage in teachers who can run these programs, many schools are left scrambling to fill the gaps.
Our innovative approach to after-school education means that your school can provide top-notch programming without the need to hire an additional teacher. With a range of math subjects and courses available, Dropkick Math Academy can help your students excel no matter their individual needs or skill levels. So why wait? Sign up for our program today and see the difference we can make in your school!
Our after-school programs are quickly becoming the way of the future in addressing the gap in learning that many students are experiencing.

What Type Of Programs Do We Offer?

At Dropkick Math Academy, we offer a range of programs aimed at grades 4 – 9. We believe in a research-based approach, including a learning experience that aligns with Ontario’s educational standards. Our programs also follow the same outlines provided by Ontario’s math curriculum, so you can rest easy knowing that your students are receiving top-tier instruction from experienced Ontario educators.
Our experienced team is well-equipped to develop a program that aligns with your school board’s expectations, engages students, and offers measurable results. With a focus on math, we can help students develop a solid foundation in the subject for future academic success.
Our team is standing by and ready to discuss your school board’s needs for an RTI. As experts in the field, we will work closely with your school board to determine the best programs for your students.