Is Online Tutoring the Future of Personalized Learning?

Is Online Tutoring the Future of Personalized Learning

With school closures and social distancing measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online tutoring has seen a surge in popularity. But is online tutoring here to stay? Some experts believe that it could be the future of personalized learning. Here’s what you need to know about online math tutoring and how it can benefit your child.

Change Is Imminent

In this day and age of the COVID-19 pandemic, change is imminent. And in the face of an extensive range of education technology resources, schools are trying to adapt and figure out the best ways to move forward. Technology has become an integral part of education over the past couple of years, and online math help is showing a lot of promise to help students who the pandemic has impacted.  

Previous research has pointed to clear advantages of one-on-one learning. However, this leaves many students behind who can’t attend an in-person tutor. When technology is used and students can learn virtually, more students have access to this type of education. It has also been suggested that tutored students outperform their peers in school. This becomes problematic because the majority of students have never experienced tutoring, causing an achievement gap that separates students with access to one-on-one learning from those without.

Getting Help With Educational Gaps

Historically only those students with the time, means, and proximity have been able to access one-on-one guidance. But, with Dropkick Math, we make it easy for many students to get the help they need with the educational gaps they may be experiencing.

Leveraging technology to meet new education standards is a great way to reach students who may not have previously been able to get the help in mathematics they deserve. Our programs and educators can provide critical mentorship for students who may be struggling with their learning due to the disruption caused by the pandemic. We have combined education with expert knowledge to create personalized programs designed to help your child conquer their unique math problems in a learning environment that is fun and engaging. 

At this time, when families are the busiest they’ve ever been, online tutoring has emerged as an essential educational resource. When the world closed down, online tutors were still able to help children with their studies. Our online programs help connect students with subject experts, creating personalized learning that children need to excel. The flexible nature of online tutoring also helps to allow students to book sessions that fit their own busy schedules.

Online Math Tutor

Most students have now become accustomed to learning online, and many prefer online tutoring instead of in person. Students born in 2010 and onward have had a whole life of high-speed online communication. So, the appeal of online tutoring will only increase as its primary users become tech-savvy “screenagers.” One-on-one tutoring is no longer appealing to the younger generation, which is more accustomed to online activities. At Dropkick Math, we understand the need to keep students engaged and entertained while learning mathematics. Our programs aim to break down the challenges and build up confidence with a complete understanding of math and its relationship to real-world situations through fun and engaging games and challenges. 

Online tutoring does appear to be the way of the future, but at Dropkick Math, we take it a step further. Dropkick Math isn’t just an alternative to hiring an online tutor. It is a fun way to help your child thrive in mathematics through self-learning. We work with your child and yourself to understand the underlying problems rather than just focusing on helping them through the material they are learning at school.

If you are searching for a “math tutor near me” you may be presented with a lot of helpful options. But, it is important to understand the difference between a tutor and our way of working with students, which adequately supports their journey in elementary math. Our certified Ontario College of Teachers instructors offer a fun and engaging way to learn for both parent and child to understand the building blocks of mathematics.  

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