Conquer the World of Percents, Rates & Ratios

Ratios, Rates and the Great Race

Strap yourself in as you and your child time travel to the year 2094 and prepare to take part in the yearly event called “The Great Race.” As the Zone 4 racing team members, you will co-pilot with your child as they strengthen their mathematical thinking skills and persevere through complex problems. To take part in this prestigious race, children will need to find percentages of various wholes and find the whole when presented with a percent value. They will learn how to understand rate and how to solve problems involving rate when presented with questions. Part to part ratios and part to whole ratios will also be explored. 

Your team will apply their proportional reasoning skills using percents, rates, and ratios to defeat the other World Zones and the ever-looming darkness. Watch your child grow with problem-solving skills as they race their way through mathematical problems they would have once shied away from. This tailored module will equip your child with problem-solving skills that can help them for years to come.

Why is this topic important for my child to learn?

So children can…

  • Develop proportional reasoning skills that will benefit them in other subject areas like science, music and geography
  • Think logically about everyday activities
  • Calculate best buys, taxes and investments
  • Work with drawings and maps
  • Perform measurements
  • Calculate monetary currency conversions
  • Adjust recipes
  • Create various concentrations of mixtures and solutions

Research estimates that over 90% of children who enter high school cannot reason well enough to learn mathematics and science with understanding and are unprepared for real applications in statistics, biology, geography or physics (Lamon, 2005).