What Do The Studies Show?

What Do The Studies Show

After two years of disruptions, it is safe to say that the pandemic has impacted children’s education. With an estimated 90% of all children worldwide who have had their education disrupted, change is needed. Students cannot continue to be pulled in and out of school and be expected to learn the same way in front of a screen as if they were in a classroom. 

As of May 2021, schools in 26 countries were closed country-wide, and in 55 countries, schools were only partially open. Even though many are starting to open again slowly, evidence suggests that students will continue to feel the consequences of lost learning during the pandemic

The Gaps In Learning

With millions of children deprived of regular education during the pandemic, it is vital to get help for those who may have any gaps in learning. At Dropkick Math, we offer programs to help students build their confidence by developing their understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics. 

According to recent research, math learning seems to have taken a bigger hit during the pandemic compared to other subjects. Due to this lack of proper education, student’s growth rate in math is expected to slow during the next few years. So, getting them the help they need now could help them get caught up quicker than expected. 

What The Research Shows

Although it is still early days and the pandemic is not over yet, some studies are starting to be released on the effects of missed education on children. Research shows that the impact of the pandemic on K-12 student learning was significant, leaving students on average five months behind in mathematics and four months behind in reading by the end of the school year.

Here in Ontario, initial findings show that impacts of the pandemic are concentrated in math. Reading achievement in the fall of 2020 was consistent with the prior year, but average math achievement was 5 to 10 percentile points lower than the previous fall. It was also noted that, on average, students made gains during the early phase of the pandemic; however, math gains were smaller than pre-pandemic trends. 

Studies are also beginning to show that high schoolers have become more likely to drop out of school, and high school seniors are less likely to go on to postsecondary education. But the crisis didn’t just impact academics. It also took a toll on students’ broader health and well-being, with more than 35 percent of parents being extremely concerned about their mental health. 

Unfinished Learning

As more research becomes available and the true cost of the pandemic is shown, many educators are using the term “unfinished learning” to capture the reality that students were not given the opportunity to complete all the typical learning they would have typically completed. 

As policymakers and education leaders work together toward recovery, Dropkick Math is here to fill in any gaps in learning that may arise. As one of the leading math tutoring services in Ontario, our trained instructors can provide support in key math skills through fun and interactive programs. 

We start by assessing the student with our free early indicators check-in. From there, we can help place your child in the program best suited for their needs to start building their math confidence and develop their skills for the future. 

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