Elevating Mindset with Interactive Math

At Dropkick Math, we understand the frustration that learning mathematics can bring. Our programs offer a fun and engaging way for children to boost their confidence in math and learn the concepts needed to become a math dropkicker! 

We use a variety of methods to engage children in learning, including games and virtual classes. Our programs are designed to be flexible so that they can be tailored to each child’s individual needs. We also offer a wide range of support for parents and caregivers so that they can help their children succeed in our program.

Elevating Mindset with Interactive Math

Build your child’s confidence and understanding of mathematics with Dropkick Math. As one of the leading math tutoring services, our Ontario Certified Teachers provide support in learning key math skills by focusing
on relationships and engaging the parent/guardian. 

Intervention Program

Intervention Program

Uses child centered, research based techniques and strategies

Fun and engaging game based learning

Develops an understanding of identified mathematical stumbling blocks

Builds capacity of child and caregiver

Building A Solid
Foundation Of Math Skills

All of our programs are taught by certified Ontario teachers who offer research-based, student centred learning that follows the same outlines provided in the Ontario math curriculum.

How We Involve
Parents/Guardians In The
Learning Process​

Parent support can make a world of difference when it comes to learning. From simply encouraging good study habits to actively participating in a child’s learning journey, parental involvement has been shown to positively impact academic success. This is why at Dropkick Math, we strive to make it easy and rewarding for parents to get involved in their child’s education.

Goals for the Program:

By the end of this Program Your Child should be able to…

Learn more about the Early Indicators Assessment

Goals for the Program:

By the end of this Program Your Child should be able to…

The Early Indicators Assessment

Watch the video for details on how your child can start their journey of becoming a math dropkicker

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Our Easy Process


Determining your child’s needs with our Free Early Indicators Assessment


Register Adult and Child for the Recommended Program

Support Your Child in Filling Learning Gaps Participate in Weekly Sessions with Your Child

Structure of the Program

12 sessions held twice a week for 6 weeks

60 minute classes - 45 minutes parent and child and 15 minutes parent only

Adult-child teams

Friendlier language- all programs are virtual

All classes run with Ontario certified, experienced and engaging math teachers

Each child-adult team receives their math battle kit prior to the beginning of the program


Elissa was amazing, so patient and explained things easily to the kids. She took her time to teach them and had no problem going back as many times as needed for the kids to understand the lesson before moving on.


Chad was amazing with the students. We were so happy to see Olivia’s progress. We are very interested in having Chad as a teacher in future classes.


Very patient and engaging!


Very patient and engaging!